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Taste test? Deer preferences seem to help non-native invasive plants spread

Selective browsing by white-tailed deer likely is promoting the spread of some invasive plant species in northeastern U.S. forests, as deer avoid eating vegetation they find unpalatable.

Taste test? Deer preferences seem to be helping non-native invasive plants spread

(Penn State) Selective browsing by white-tailed deer likely is promoting the spread of some invasive plant species in northeastern US forests, as deer avoid eating vegetation they find unpalatable.

Deer Jet betreibt weltweit ersten VVIP 787 Boeing Business-Jet

Genf (ots/PRNewswire) - Deer Jet, das größte Unternehmen für Geschäftsreisejets in Asien, wird weltweit den erste VVIP BBJ 787 betreiben. Deer Jet und Boeing kündigten gemeinsam bei der European ...

Tiny island deer in Panama hunted to extinction thousands of years ago

(Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) Once there was a dwarf deer on an island in the Pacific, but residents hunted it to extinction 6,000 years ago. Knowing this may help to conserve conservation...

Rare bactrian deer survives years of turmoil in Afghanistan

(University of Massachusetts at Amherst) Forty years of unrest in Afghanistan left wildlife ecologists uncertain whether one of its rare sub-species of red deer, the Bactrian deer, had survived in the...

Deer Path of Huntley to Host Adult Easter Egg Hunt

(PRWEB) February 29, 2016 Deer Path of Huntley, a Gardant affordable assisted living community, is hosting an Adult Easter Egg Hunt ...

Deer make collision-free escapes thanks to inbuilt 'compasses'

(Springer) Why do deer in a group, when startled, suddenly bolt away together and never collide with each other? It's because these deer have an inner compass that allows them to follow a certain dire...

Inbreeding impacts on mothering ability, red deer study shows

(University of Edinburgh) Inbred animals have fewer surviving offspring compared with others, a study of red deer in the wild has found.

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A Common Parvovirus in Deer from California, USA.

 We characterize the genome of the first reported deer parvovirus, Ungulate tetraparvovirus 5, which we detected by PCR in multiple tissues from 2/9 Californian mule deer ( Odocoileus hemionus calif...

Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence in Free-Ranging Deer in Canada.

Hepatitis E virus infection (HEV) is an important public health concern not only in traditional endemic areas, but also in some industrialized countries where both domesticated and wild animals have b...

Patterns of Cattle Farm Visitation by White-Tailed Deer in Relation to Risk of Disease Transmission in a Previously Infected Area with Bovine Tuberculosis in Minnesota, USA.

The main objective of this study was to characterize spatial patterns of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) movement related to bovine tuberculosis (bTB) transmission risk to cattle in north-w...

High Prevalence of Borrelia miyamotoi among Adult Blacklegged Ticks from White-Tailed Deer.

We compared the prevalence of Borrelia miyamotoi infection in questing and deer-associated adult Ixodes scapularis ticks in Wisconsin, USA. Prevalence among deer-associated ticks (4.5% overall, 7.1% i...

Phenology of deer ked (Lipoptena cervi) host-seeking flight activity and its relationship with prevailing autumn weather.

The deer ked (Lipoptena cervi) is an ectoparasite on cervids that has invaded large parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland during recent decades. During their host-seeking flight activity, the adult deer...

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