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23:11 EST 24th November 2015 | BioPortfolio

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Clinical Trials Phase News

Clinical trials involving new drugs are commonly classified into four phases. Each phase of the drug approval process is treated as a separate clinical trial. The drug-development process will norma...


A tumor or tumour is the name for a neoplasm or a solid lesion formed by an abnormal growth of cells (termed neoplastic) which looks like a swelling. Tumor is not synonymous with cancer. A tumor can...

Contract Research Organization news

A contract research organization, also called a clinical research organization, (CRO) is a service organization that provides support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the form o...

Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is a massive market for biotechnology companies with its collection of tropical diseases, large populations and agricultural importance. It is not only a customer in this industry...

Neurotrophic Growth Factors NGF BDNF CNTF

Early clinical trials with classical neurotrophic growth factor proteins such as NGF, BDNF, CNTF have failed for various reasons including safety, efficacy and convenience of administration as well as...

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New definition for multiple myeloma improves patient outcomes

Prof Rajkumar talks to ecancertv at EHA 2015 about how changing the definition of multiple myeloma and identifying biomarkers has enabled earlier diagnosis, preventing the need to wait for serious s...

FDA clears bone graft substitute from Prosidyan

The FIBERGRAFT BG Morsels, a synthetic bone graft substitute from Warren, N.J.-based Prosidyan, obtained 510(k) clearance fro -More- 

Stressed dads affect offspring brain development through sperm microRNA

More and more, scientists have realized that DNA is not the only way that a parent can pass on traits to their offspring. Events experienced by a parent over a lifetime can also have an impact.

Investigating parent-child visitation in prison

It's not 'cupcakes and lollipops' for most children who visit a parent in prison, with two-thirds reported to have negative experiences including fear, anger, anxiety, and related reactions, according...

Definition of acute kidney injury may misclassify patients

Yale researchers found that the current definition of acute kidney injury may be causing patients without the condition to be misclassified.

MedVenture Technology, parent rebrand as Freudenberg Medical

MedVenture Technology, a maker of catheters and minimally invasive systems, and its parent company, Helix Medical, have chang -More- 

Patient engagement is in search of a definition

Ask anyone connected with health care these days to provide a definition for patient engagement and you will likely receive as many answers as there are agendas surrounding the discipline. While patie...

UPDATE 2-J&J sells popular Splenda sugar substitute to Heartland Food

Aug 25 (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson on Tuesday said it was selling its widely used Splenda sugar substitute to privately held Heartland Food Products Group in order to focus on other consumer brands.

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Parent schools: Definition, progress and structure.

The institution of parent training is not an innovation. It exists since the beginning of the previous century. Presently, the parent training programmes or the so-called parent schools in Greece are ...

Are parent-reared red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa) better candidates for re-establishment purposes?

Aiming to produce game birds suitable for re-establishment purposes, we studied the survival and behavior of 31 adult red-legged partridges reared by their natural parents in captivity (parent-reared)...

Preventing Newborn Falls While Supporting Family Bonding.

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System is a confidential, statewide Internet reporting system to which all Pennsylvania hospitals, outpatient-surgery facilities, birthing centers, and aborti...

Influence of blinded wound closure on the volume stability of different GBR materials: an in vitro cone-beam computed tomographic examination.

To test whether the use of (i) particulated bone substitute + collagen membrane used for guided bone regeneration (GBR) of peri-implant bone defects renders different results from (ii) particulated bo...

Infection Prevention Practices in Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System is a confidential, statewide Internet reporting system to which all Pennsylvania hospitals, outpatient-surgery facilities, and birthing centers, as wel...

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