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16:20 EST 9th December 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Somatropin Hgh rDNA Pfizer

What is GENOTROPIN? GENOTROPIN (somatropin [rDNA origin] for injection) is a growth hormone treatment. It is an exact copy of the natural growth hormone that our bodies make. The main difference i...

Visual acuity

Visual acuity (VA) is acuteness or clearness of vision, which is dependent on the sharpness of the retinal focus within the eye and the sensitivity of the interpretative faculty of the brain. Visu...


Oncohist™ exhibits the same properties as the body's own histone H1.3 molecules and has consequently low immunogenicity and antigenicity. Extensive data have shown that Oncohist molecules ...


ImuXen® is a liposomal technology platform designed to improve the delivery and effectiveness of DNA, protein and polysaccharide vaccines. Proof of concept preclinical studies with a number of...

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Posterior and anterior cortex — where is the difference that makes the difference?

Allergan CEO looks smart for pledging to rein in prices. But will it make a difference?

Allergan CEO Brent Saunders promised to keep a lid on drug prices. But no other pharma execs have followed suit. Can he really make a difference?

Taggant Technologies: Counterfeit Issues

When it comes to brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions, it’s the difference that can’t be seen that makes the difference - and Microtrace knows where to look. Microtrace has expanded ...

Exploring the Female-Male Earnings Difference Among RNs

Research has shown a marked earnings difference between male and female RNs. What factors may account for the variance? Nursing Economics

Where will health IT innovation come from?

When my father died three years ago,  my comments at his funeral noted that the greatest aspiration any of us can have is to make a difference in the world.  My father’s life made a difference. I...

Female Academic Physicians Make $20,000 Less Than Male Peers

Adjusted salaries for female physicians were 8.0% lower than for male physicians. 'This difference represents 38.7% of the unadjusted difference in salary between men and women,' the authors said. M...

Medical News Today: Depression vs. Sadness: How to Tell the Difference

What is sadness and what is depression? Learn how to tell the difference between the two and what treatments are available for depression.

'Locked-Door Policy' Makes No Difference to Patient Safety

A large comparison study of psychiatric hospitals with and without locked-door policies shows no significant difference between the two in terms of patient safety. Medscape Medical News

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The Minimally Important Clinical Difference.

The minimally important clinical difference (MCID) is the smallest measureable change in outcome score that will make a difference to the patient. MCID is usually estimated either as the smallest diff...

The Minimally Clinically Important Difference (MCID): What Difference Does It Make?

Improved Theory of Difference Vibrational Spectroscopy and Application to Water.

Measuring difference spectrum of two closely related systems is a versatile experimental method to highlight the difference in the two systems. However, the computation of a minuscule difference spect...

The pressure difference between eye and brain changes with posture.

The discovery of a posture-dependent effect on the difference between intraocular pressure (IOP) and intracranial pressure (ICP) at the level of lamina cribrosa could have important implications for u...


The interankle systolic blood pressure (SBP) difference has been found to predict the risk for overall and cardiocerebrovascular events; however, few studies have evaluated the association between the...

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