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Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina. It can result in discharge, itching and pain, and is often associated with an irritation or infection of the vulva. It is usually due to infection. Vulvov...

Toxic Shock Syndrome TSS

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare but very serious illness that can develop rapidly in anyone From a UK population of around 60 million there were about 40 cases reported each year, half of which are a...

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Screening 'not effective' in fight against domestic violence, researchers conclude

One in three women around the world has experienced physical or sexual violence from a partner. Although domestic violence is associated with a range of adverse health impacts, even after the abuse ha...

Screening is 'not effective' in the fight against domestic violence

One in three women around the world have experienced physical or sexual violence from a partner. Although domestic violence is associated with a range of adverse health impacts, even after the abuse h...

Learn how to recognize, intervene in domestic violence cases

As recently as 40 years ago, domestic violence often was not considered a crime, even by law enforcement and the judicial system. Victims had little or no resources to help them escape the violence ai...

What you should know about domestic violence

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) September 18, 2014 October is more than just the season for Halloween, it’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. And the Centers for Disease Control’s National I...

Women and children bear brunt of domestic violence, Stanford scholar says

Domestic violence kills far more people than civil wars worldwide, new research by a Stanford faculty member has found.

Can vets help fight domestic violence by identifying pet abuse?

Pet abuse and domestic violence are closely linked. Animals can't talk but University of Sydney vet Dr Lydia Tong has shown vets how to tell the difference between bone fractures caused by accidents a...

Team Dr. Chernoff to Race Against Domestic Violence

INDIANAPOLIS, May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Gregory Chernoff formed Team Dr. Chernoff to support of the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV).  Team Dr. Chernoff will help r...

UP4 Probiotics Partners with The National Network to End Domestic Violence

UP4 Probiotics will be donating a portion of their sales of UP4 WOMEN’S probiotic to The National Network to End Domestic Violence ( during the month of October. This organizati...

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Women and domestic violence: global dimensions, health consequences and intervention strategies.

Domestic violence against women is a significant health and social problem affecting virtually all societies. The sensitivities and stigma associated with domestic violence, the conceptualization of i...

Prevalenceinstigating factors and help seeking behavior of physical domestic violence among married women of HyderabadSindh.

Background and Objectives : Domestic violence against women is highly prevalent but under reported issue having social, legal, health and economic implications. It needs to be identified and addressed...

Government implementation of domestic violence protection measures nationwide.

As part of its policy to end violence against women and girls, the UK Government is rolling out domestic violence protection powers that will enable police to act more quickly in urgent situations. Th...

Prevention of domestic violence against women and children in low-income and middle-income countries.

Violence against women and children is increasingly recognized as an important and urgent public health, social and human rights issue cutting across geographical, socioeconomic and cultural boundarie...

How do primary health care professionals deal with pregnant women who are victims of domestic violence?

to determine how Family Health Strategy professionals recognize and deal with domestic violence in pregnant women.

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