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06:01 EDT 31st May 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a group of 2-methilo-naphthoquinone derivatives. There are three notable forms of vitamin K; K1 which can be synthesized by plants, K2 which can be formed by natural bacteria in the int...

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Waters moves into Malaysia to tap growing bioprocessing market

Analytical and downstream technology firm Waters has opened a subsidiary in Malaysia, citing the steady and consistent growth of biopharma in the region as a driver.

Crush and burn: Malaysia destroys huge ivory trove

Malaysia has destroyed 9.5 tonnes of elephant ivory it seized over the years, which authorities hope will help deter smugglers who have long used the country as a trans-shipment point.

Health Care in Malaysia

Malaysia is a middle income country (GDP per capita $26,600, about half of U.S. income levels) of 30.5 million people (about the population of New York and Ohio combined).  Life expectancy is 74.75 y...

DNDi Begins Quest For Sub-$200 Hep C Combo With Malaysia Trial Plan

DNDi is implementing a major new initiative in hepatitis C through a collaboration with Malaysia's Ministry of Health that aims to begin clinical trials this year to investigate new "affordable" direc...

Malaysia says it plans to raise age for drinking alcohol

GENEVA (Reuters) - Malaysia plans to raise the minimum age for alcohol consumption from 18 to 21, it said in a filing to the World Trade Organization on Tuesday.

Boston Scientific to build manufacturing plant in Malaysia

Boston Scientific will construct a medical device manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia, beginning in the first half of  -More- 

Deforestation Clears Way for Zoonotic Malaria in Malaysia

Intensive deforestation in Malaysia’s rainforests is exposing more humans to a type of malaria previously found only in long-tail and pig-tail macaques, report an international team of investigators...

Eu Yan Sang, a TCM Maker/Retailer, Receives $196 Million Buyout Offer

Eu Yan Sang International, a TCM company that is headquartered and listed in Singapore, received a $196 million privatization offer. The offer was made by the founding Eu family, Tower Capital and Tem...

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Sprouting Buds of Zebrafish Research in Malaysia: First Malaysia Zebrafish Disease Model Workshop.

Zebrafish is gaining prominence as an important vertebrate model for investigating various human diseases. Zebrafish provides unique advantages such as optical clarity of embryos, high fecundity rate,...

A Two-Year Review on Epidemiology and Clinical Characteristics of Dengue Deaths in Malaysia, 2013-2014.

Dengue infection is the fastest spreading mosquito-borne viral disease, which affects people living in the tropical and subtropical countries. Malaysia had large dengue outbreaks in recent years. We a...

A new flavone from Malaysia Borneo Marsdenia tinctoria.

Marsdenia tinctoria is an indigo producing plant commonly found in Borneo, Malaysia. In this present study, one new flavone kapitone (1) and three known compounds, that is 3,2'-dihydroxyflavone (2), 1...

Practices of Dengue Fever Prevention and the Associated Factors among the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia.

Dengue is prevalent among Malaysia's indigenous peoples, known as the Orang Asli, and it poses a serious health threat to them. The study aims to look at the socio-demographic factors, health beliefs,...

Public Health Services for Foreign Workers in Malaysia.

The objective of this study was to know the status of the foreign workers' access to public health services in Malaysia based on their utilization pattern. The utilization pattern covered a number of ...

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