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07:25 EST 8th February 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a group of 2-methilo-naphthoquinone derivatives. There are three notable forms of vitamin K; K1 which can be synthesized by plants, K2 which can be formed by natural bacteria in the int...

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Waters moves into Malaysia to tap growing bioprocessing market

Analytical and downstream technology firm Waters has opened a subsidiary in Malaysia, citing the steady and consistent growth of biopharma in the region as a driver.

Deal to acquire AqueSys completed by Allergan

Allergan has concluded its purchase of AqueSys, a maker of ocular implants for glaucoma patients, for $300 million plus miles -More- NEW VIDEO: Start Selling in Malaysia With over 30 million...

Giant panda gives birth in Malaysia

A giant panda leant by China to Malaysia has given birth to a cub in captivity, Prime Minister Najib Razak said Tuesday, following a diplomatically tough year between the two countries.

Malaysia says it plans to raise age for drinking alcohol

GENEVA (Reuters) - Malaysia plans to raise the minimum age for alcohol consumption from 18 to 21, it said in a filing to the World Trade Organization on Tuesday.

Malaysia deforestation liked to human cases of monkey malaria

LONDON (Reuters) - Deforestation in Malaysia and the changes it causes to the environment are highly likely to be to blame for a steep rise in human cases of a type of malaria usually found in monkeys...

Enhancing Rice Production During Climate Change in Malaysia

A new rice variety developed in Malaysia gives higher yields with less fertilizer as compared to two other varieties grown in Southeast Asia. A recent analysis of the variety in the Pertanika Journal ...

DIARY-Malaysia 2016 corporate earnings

Following is a list of release dates for the quarterly earnings of some top Malaysia-listed companies. All dates are confirmed except those marked by a "T", which means it will be released around thos...

Biotech Information Network Gathers for a Biosafety Seminar in Malaysia

To strengthen ISAAA's capacity to assist countries in developing, implementing, and reviewing biosafety regulations, ISAAA held an immersion training-seminar in collaboration with the Public Research ...

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Projections of the Current and Future Disease Burden of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Malaysia.

The prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in Malaysia has been estimated at 2.5% of the adult population. Our objective, satisfying one of the directives of the WHO Framework for Global Acti...

Sprouting Buds of Zebrafish Research in Malaysia: First Malaysia Zebrafish Disease Model Workshop.

Zebrafish is gaining prominence as an important vertebrate model for investigating various human diseases. Zebrafish provides unique advantages such as optical clarity of embryos, high fecundity rate,...

A new flavone from Malaysia Borneo Marsdenia tinctoria.

Marsdenia tinctoria is an indigo producing plant commonly found in Borneo, Malaysia. In this present study, one new flavone kapitone (1) and three known compounds, that is 3,2'-dihydroxyflavone (2), 1...

Allele frequencies of human platelet antigens in Banjar, Bugis, Champa, Jawa and Kelantan Malays in Peninsular Malaysia.

The major aims of this study are to characterise and compile allelic data of human platelet antigen (HPA)-1 to -6 and -15 systems in five Malay sub-ethnic groups in Peninsular Malaysia.

Surfactants in the sea-surface microlayer and sub-surface water at estuarine locations: Their concentration, distribution, enrichment, and relation to physicochemical characteristics.

Samples of sea-surface microlayer (SML) and sub-surface water (SSW) were collected from two areas-Kaohsiung City (Taiwan) and the southwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia to study the influence of SML o...

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