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02:31 EST 21st February 2017 | BioPortfolio

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RNAi downregulation of three key lignin genes in sugarcane improves glucose release without reduction in sugar production

Sugarcane is a subtropical crop that produces large amounts of biomass annually. It is a key agricultural crop in many countries for the production of sugar and other products. Residual bagasse follow...

Wheat, One of the World’s Most Important Crops, Is Being Threatened by Climate Change

A new study, in the journal Nature Climate Change, finds that rising temperatures will have a significant impact on wheat production. Wheat, this article notes, is the most important single crop in te...

Study: Global Food Security Aided by Combining Different Methods

University of Florida research is the first time that a scientific study compared different methods of estimating temperature impacts on global crop production

The future of agricultural biologics

IMPROVING CROP PRODUCTION Demand for agricultural products continues to grow as the world’s population increases. At the same time, crop productivity can be seriously impacted by stresses such as dr...

Mutant Plants Reveal Temperature Sensor

Discovery might allow scientists to create crop varieties better suited to warming world

Online Pest Risk Atlas for Africa to Combat Climate Change Effects on Pest Management

The International Potato Center (CIP) has announced the release of its free online mobile accessible Pest Risk Atlas for Africa. The Atlas assesses potential pest risks under both current and future c...

Researchers Review Targeted Genome Editing Techniques in Horticultural Crops

Breeding technologies, whether conventional or modern, have been often used to enhance crop production. However, these breeding methods are sometimes laborious and complicated, especially when attempt...

Conservation Agriculture Leads to Remarkable Improvement in Crop Production and Livelihood of Farmers in Bangladesh

A new research article shows that moving from intensive agricultural practice to conservation agriculture is beneficial to both the environment and farmers’ livelihoods in Bangladesh. Bangladesh, wh...

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Climate change influences on crop mix shifts in the United States.

We examine the impact of current and future climate on crop mixes over space in the US. We find using historical data that temperature and precipitation are among the causal factors for shits in crop ...

The Effect of Temperature Increases on an Ant-Hemiptera-Plant Interaction.

Global temperature increases are significantly altering species distributions and the structure of ecological communities. However, the impact of temperature increases on multi- species interactions i...

Assessment of rice yield loss due to exposure to ozone pollution in Southern Vietnam.

The study domain covered the Eastern region of Southern of Vietnam that includes Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and five other provinces. Rice production in the domain accounted for 13% of the national total...

Evaluation of Brevibacillus brevis as a potential plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) crop.

The present investigation was undertaken to isolate, screen and evaluate a selected promising PGPR Brevibacillus brevis on cotton crop. Out of 156 bacterial isolates one of the most promising isolate ...

Continuous Hydrogen Production from Agricultural Wastewaters at Thermophilic and Hyperthermophilic Temperatures.

The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of hydraulic retention time (HRT) (8 to 0.5 h) and temperature (55 to 75 °C) in two anaerobic fluidized bed reactors (AFBR) using cheese w...

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