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Increased tear production

Gastrointestinal Effects


Verona’s lead drug, RPL554, is a dual phosphodiesterase (PDE) 3 and 4 inhibitor being developed as a novel treatment for chronic obstructive airways disease as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmon...

Management of Adverse Effects

Adverse drug effects

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Kenya to lift biotech crop ban

In a move aimed at boosting food production, Kenya's government said it will remove the country's biotech crop ban, which was -More- 

Agronomist helps improve Uganda's coffee production

An NDSU crop production expert has been helping Ugandan farmers find ways to increase their country's coffee production.

Farmers in Uganda to Get Disease-tolerant Cassava

Two new cassava varieties tolerant to the brown streak virus will be released in Uganda. The new conventionally bred varieties are the result of nearly 10 years of research. Titus Alicai, the principa...

Bt cotton can address challenges in cotton industry, Zambia group says

Low crop productivity and high production costs are having negative effects on Zambia's cotton industry, and the country's Co -More- 

Overexpression of the ERECTA from Arabidopsis Improves Thermotolerance in Transgenic Rice and Tomato

The detrimental effects of global warming on crop productivity threaten the world's food supply. Although plant responses to temperature changes have been studied, genetic modification of crops to imp...

Climate Change and Eastern Africa: A Review of Impact on Major Crops

This article, in the journal Food and Energy Security, reviews the impacts of climate change on 14 strategic crops for eight sub-Saharan African countries. According to the article, climate change is ...

Micronic Ultra Low Temperature Rack Range

Precision manufactured in a certified Class 7 clean room production facility, the new 24-, 48- and 96-tube Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) rack range from Micronic are based on the automation compatible A...

Monoculture vs. Polyculture Part I

“Straight up” beats “cocktails” for cover crop productivity Planting cover crop mixtures is very popular right now. The practice has a feel-good aspect about it and, buoyed by the ecological t...

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Spatial and Temporal Potato Intensification Drives Insecticide Resistance in the Specialist Herbivore, Leptinotarsa decemlineata.

Landscape-scale intensification of individual crops and pesticide use that is associated with this intensification is an emerging, environmental problem that is expected to have unequal effects on pes...

Effect of temperature on biomass allocation in seedlings of two contrasting genotypes of the oilseed crop Ricinus communis.

Ricinus communis is becoming an important crop for oil production, and studying the physiological and biochemical aspects of seedling development may aid in the improvement of crop quality and yield. ...

Flowering time regulation in crops-what did we learn from Arabidopsis?

The change from vegetative to reproductive growth is a key developmental switch in flowering plants. In agriculture, flowering is a prerequisite for crop production whenever seeds or fruits are harves...

High night temperatures during grain number determination reduce wheat and barley grain yield: a field study.

Warm nights are a widespread predicted feature of climate change. This study investigated the impact of high night temperatures during the critical period for grain yield determination in wheat and ba...

Global Income and Production Impacts of Using GM Crop Technology 1996-2013.

This paper provides an economic assessment of the value of using genetically modified (GM) crop technology in agriculture at the farm level. It follows and updates earlier annual studies which examine...

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