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Increased tear production

Gastrointestinal Effects


Verona’s lead drug, RPL554, is a dual phosphodiesterase (PDE) 3 and 4 inhibitor being developed as a novel treatment for chronic obstructive airways disease as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmon...

Adverse drug effects

Management of Adverse Effects

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Scale-up for Process Engineering

Temperature control under constant conditions for all applications from research lab to shop floor Unistat temperature control systems are tailored to applications in process engineering – they ...

GMO Answers Takes a Fresh Look at the Value of Popular Commodity Crops

Each week during the month of February, GMO Answers has planned to introduce a new commodity crop, its role in agricultural production and its relationship to biotechnology and GMOs. Week 1, GMO Ans...

Finding rice traits that tackle climate-change challenges

People around the world depend on food crops adapted to an array of temperature and precipitation regimes, but those conditions are in flux because of global climate change. So scientists want to iden...

Oil Palm: A Modeled Crop

Australian scientists have developed a model for oil palm cultivation, which is aimed toward helping growers maximize the yields of their plantations, while minimizing detrimental environmental impact...

Insecticides foster ‘toxic’ slugs, reduce crop yields

Insecticides aimed at controlling early-season crop pests, such as soil-dwelling grubs and maggots, can increase slug populations, thus reducing crop yields, according to researchers at Penn Sta...

Global Patient Temperature Management Market 2015-2019

About Patient Temperature Management Normally, core body temperature falls between 96.8 °F and 99.5 °F. Patient temperature management enables treatment to a patient by maintaining and achieving cor...

Updated Pocket K on Communicating Crop Biotech

The updated version of ISAAA Pocket K No. 33: Communicating Crop Biotechnology is now available for download from the ISAAA website.Pocket Ks are Pockets of Knowledge, packaged information about crop ...

Perspective: Time to unleash rice

Corporate inefficiency and government meddling are curbing production of the vital crop in the countries that need it most, says Robert Zeigler.

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Flowering time regulation in crops-what did we learn from Arabidopsis?

The change from vegetative to reproductive growth is a key developmental switch in flowering plants. In agriculture, flowering is a prerequisite for crop production whenever seeds or fruits are harves...

Modelling temperature effects on milk production: a study on Holstein cows at a Japanese farm.

Milk yield and its composition vary according to individual cows as well as to a variety of different environment conditions, such as temperature. Previous studies suggest that heat exerts considerabl...

Petunia x hybrida floral scent production is negatively affected by high-temperature growth conditions.

Increasing temperatures due to changing global climate are interfering with plant-pollinator mutualism, an interaction facilitated mainly by floral color and scent. Gas chromatography-mass spectroscop...

Cheese whey as substrate of batch hydrogen production: Effect of temperature and addition of buffer.

The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of buffer addition and process temperature (ambient and 35°C) on H2 production in batch fermentation of cheese whey (CW). When the H2 production reache...

Mass cultivation of various algal species and their evaluation as a potential candidate for lipid production.

Microalgae have been proposed as a promising source for biodiesel production. Focusing on algal strains for biodiesel production, efforts should be made to search new strains. Experiments were carried...

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