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Original Source: Community - Associated Extended-spectrum Beta-lactamases (ESBL)

The purpose of this study is to review patients with E. coli infections at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) from September 1, 2006 to August 31, 2007 to determine if these infections have arisen in the community rather than in hospitals or nursing homes. The occurrence of such resistant isolates could be devastating if they were associated with bloodstream infection, such as sometimes accompanies a urinary tract infection, since antibiotic resistant E. coli is...

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Tailoring of Infection Control Measures According to ESBL Species May Be Warranted, Study Finds

Generic epidemiological differences between extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli (ESBL-EC) and Klebsiella pneumoniae (ESBL-KP), are poorly defined. Nonetheless, defining ...

Health Tip: Recognize Symptoms of Diabetes

-- If you detect symptoms of diabetes early, you may be able to ward off serious complications. The American Diabetes Association says common warning signs of diabetes include: Increased thirst and u...

Canada quarantines patient with Ebola-like symptoms

A patient back from Nigeria who showed symptoms of fever and flu—possible signs of Ebola—was put in isolation in a Toronto-area hospital, Canadian health officials said late Friday.

Health Tip: Watch for Warning Signs of Choking

-- Some foods, small toys and objects can be choking hazards for babies and young children. That's why it's important to quickly recognize the warning signs of choking. The U.S. National Safety Counci... Releases Their List of the 62 Signs and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety in Men and Women

62 Signs and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety in Men and Women, a new report on the website helps people tell whether they are suffering from depression. Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) July 08, 2014 ...

Liberia says US Ebola case showed no symptoms before travel

DAKAR, Oct 1 (Reuters) - The man who is being treated for Ebola in the United States after travelling to Texas from Liberia showed no signs of fever or symptoms of the virus when he left the country o...

Many Ignore Cancer's Warning Signs, Survey Finds

TUESDAY, Dec. 2, 2014 -- Many people ignore potential warning signs of cancer, a new British survey found. The study involved 1,700 people aged 50 and older in the United Kingdom who completed a healt...

MRI technique detects evidence of cognitive decline before symptoms appear

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique can detect signs of cognitive decline in the brain even before symptoms appear, according to a new study published online in the journal Radiology. The tec...

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Ophthalmic masquerades of the atherosclerotic carotids.

Patients with carotid atherosclerosis can present with ophthalmic symptoms. These symptoms and signs can be due to retinal emboli, hypoperfusion of the retina and choroid, opening up of collateral cha...

Knowledge of Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke among Singapore Residents.

Aim. To determine the level of knowledge of signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke in Singapore resident population, in comparison to the global community. Methods. A population based, random s...

Clinical Signs and Symptoms Associated With Intussusception in Young Children Undergoing Ultrasound in the Emergency Room.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate all patients suspected of having intussusception and identify which signs and symptoms were associated with the disease.

Polyclonal Spread and Outbreaks with ESBL Positive Gentamicin Resistant Klebsiella spp. in the Region Kennemerland, The Netherlands.

The objective of this study was to analyze the transmission dynamics of ESBL positive Klebsiella spp. with an additional resistance towards gentamicin (ESBL-G) in a Dutch region of 650,000 inhabitants...

Characterization of integrons among Escherichia coli in a region at high incidence of ESBL-EC.

Objective : The aim of study was to investigate the distribution of the integrons in Escherichia coli (E. coli) isolates, and analyze the possible relationship between the antimicrobial resistance pro...

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