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19:18 EDT 29th April 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Antibiotic Use for Travelers' Diarrhea Favors Particularly Resistant Bacteria

Every year, millions of travelers visit countries with poor hygiene, and approximately one third of them return home carrying antibiotic-resistant ESBL intestinal bacteria. Most of them remain unaware...

Heart attack symptoms – do YOU know the early warning signs? – attack symptoms - do YOU know the early warning signs? attack symptoms may have been missed in many patients admitted to hospital - with doctors failing to spot li...

Coeliac disease symptoms: Five signs you should AVOID gluten – disease symptoms: Five signs you should AVOID disease is a digestive condition, but many in the UK remain undiagnosed. These are the signs you may have ...

What is bronchitis, what are the signs and symptoms and how dangerous is it? – The Sun

The SunWhat is bronchitis, what are the signs and symptoms and how dangerous is it?The SunBRONCHITIS is an infection that becomes more common in colder weather and often develops from a common cold, s...

Carriage of ESBL/AmpC-producing or ciprofloxacin non-susceptible Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. in healthy people in Norway

Asymptomatic carriage has been recognised as an important risk factor for infection caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. A 14% global prevalence of Extended-Spectrum Beta-lactamase (ESBL) carriage...

Medical News Today: HIV: Early signs and symptoms

Do the signs of HIV differ for men and women and what happens after the early stage? How is HIV transmitted and when are people contagious?

Health Tip: Signs of Frostbite? Head Indoors

-- Frostbite occurs when tissue is damaged from exposure to extreme cold. That's why it's important to get inside immediately at the first possible warning signs. The American Academy of Orthopaedic S...

Recognizing the Early Signs of Anemia

Anemia (an inadequate supply of red blood cells) can cause symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Other possible signs of this condition include rapid heartbeat, chest pain, dif...

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The causal explanatory functions of medical diagnoses.

Diagnoses in medicine are often taken to serve as explanations of patients' symptoms and signs. This article examines how they do so. I begin by arguing that although some instances of diagnostic expl...

Correlation Between the Inflammatory Marker HLA-DR and Signs and Symptoms in Moderate to Severe Dry Eye Disease.

To investigate correlations of the inflammatory HLA-DR marker with clinical signs and symptoms commonly used to assess dry eye disease (DED) severity.


To validate a video containing image representations of clinical signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections expressed in Libras.

Symptoms and signs of heart failure at admission and discharge and outcomes in the Sub-Saharan Acute Heart Failure (THESUS-HF) registry.

Symptoms and signs of heart failure (HF) are the most common reasons for admission to hospital for acute HF (AHF) and are used routinely throughout admission, to assess the severity of disease and res...

Surgical treatment of neurocysticercosis. Retrospective cohort study and an illustrative case report.

Neurocysticercosis is prevalent in developing countries and manifests with several neurological signs and symptoms that may be fatal. The cysts may be parenchymal or extraparenchymal and therefore sev...

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