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08:40 EDT 21st July 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Tissue Growth Factors BMP 2

The classical tissue factors typically are proteins used for tissue repair and growth stimulation. Among the approved products are the growth factors PDGF, IGF, EGF, BMP and FGF. One of the commercial...

Vascular Factors

Endocardial factors

Physiologic factors

Plasma Factors

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Infant milk fat droplet size and coating affect postprandial responses in healthy adult men: a proof-of-concept study

Stereotypes still affect females' career aspirations in STEM topics

Study investigates the impact of stereotypes and the role of family, school and society on the self-concept of females already studying these scientific subjects and found that these stereotypes do im...

Facility-Level Factors Affect Inflammatory Breast Cancer Management

A database analysis found that facility-level factors such as location contribute more than patient-level factors to the underuse of guideline-recommended therapy for nonmetastatic inflammatory breast...

Elon Musk's Boring Company Shows Off Its Weirdo Concept Car

The concept car would ferry pedestrians through proposed tunnel networks, assuming any of this ever gets built.

Koenigsegg Is Working With a Chinese Automaker On an Electric Supercar Concept

Called the 9 QlectriQ, this concept from China's Qoros will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Convention Programming to Feature “One Health” Concept

Bio-based Technologies Address Human, Animal, Plant and Environmental Health At its heart, the concept of ...

BMW Concept 8-series: Eight Is Greater than Six

This shapely coupe concept previews the replacement for the 6-series.

Social factors of patients affect hospital performance measures

(University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus) A team of researchers led by a University of Colorado School of Medicine faculty member found that measures to evaluate readmission rates at children's...

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Assessment of the Factors That Affect the Anatomic and Functional Success of Cartilage Tympanoplasty in Children.

Many factors may influence the surgical outcome of tympanoplasty in children, including age, the size and location of perforation, otorrhea, status of contralateral ear, surgical technique, and adenoi...

Changes in Postmortem Identity and Grief.

This article reviews the concept of postmortem identity, noting its relationships to other concepts such as relational trauma. Identity is a very fluid concept that can change even after an individual...

Nightmares in the general population: identifying potential causal factors.

Nightmares are inherently distressing, prevent restorative sleep, and are associated with a number of psychiatric problems, but have rarely been the subject of empirical study. Negative affect, linked...

Withdrawal Phenomena: A Concept Analysis for the Development of a Nursing Diagnosis.

This study explored the concept of withdrawal phenomena from the perspective of nurses, with the aim of developing a nursing diagnosis. Concept analysis was used as the framework of the study, a syste...

Risk factors that affect metabolic health status in obese children.

While some obese children are metabolically healthy (MHO), some have additional health problems, such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, and hepatosteatosis, which increase mortality a...

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