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Video capsule endoscopy

Follicle stimulating hormone FSH

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) now has become an established means of ovulation induction (OI) as part of assisted reproductive technology (ART). FSH is used to induce development of multiple foll...

Tumor markers

Tumor markers are substances produced by tumor cells or by other cells of the body in response to cancer or certain benign (noncancerous) conditions. These substances can be found in the blood, in t...


PolyXen® is an enabling technology for protein drug delivery.  It uses the natural polymer polysialic acid (PSA) to prolong the active life and improve the stability of therapeutic peptides...


For optimal treatment in cancerology, clinicians need specific, precise, sensitive methods to quantify treatment response, monitor residual disease and detect early recurrence in patients. Residual ...

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Video: Genetic modification isn’t as ‘unnatural’ as you think

Singapore jails couple for starving Filipino domestic helper

A Singapore court jailed a couple on Monday for starving their Filipino domestic helper, a case that highlighted what rights groups say is a common complaint in the wealthy city-state. Thelma Oyasan...

One in every 15 non-obese older Filipino Americans has diabetes

(University of Toronto) A new study released today found that non-obese Filipino Americans aged 50 and over have a much higher prevalence of diabetes than non-Hispanic white Americans (7.6 percent vs....

Non-obese Filipino Americans have higher prevalence of diabetes than non-Hispanic whites, study finds

A new study released today found that non-obese Filipino Americans aged 50 and over have a much higher prevalence of diabetes than non-Hispanic white Americans (7.6% vs. 4.3%).

Science and Medical Professionals Praise for Improving Video Search

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Science and medical professionals are praising the SciMedTV Video Library because it allows them to search a quarter of a million professional videos by their f...

The Accidental Discovery of LSD (Video)

While recreational drug abuse led to bans on psychedelics in the 1970s, new research indicates Hoffman was onto something in his search for medicines that led to LSD

Video: Agricultural robot roams fields to monitor crops and their DNA

A semiautonomous robot may soon be roaming agricultural fields gathering and transmitting real-time data about the growth and development of

Identifying Faces in Video Images is Major Challenge, Report Shows

To advance video facial identification for these and other applications, the National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted a large public test known as the Face in Video Evaluation

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Risk Assessment and Prevention of Hypertension in Filipino Americans.

Despite that Filipino Americans represent an important target group for hypertension, health behaviors associated with hypertension in this population have not been well studied. Two hundred Filipino ...

Knowledge, attitudes, and related practices of Filipino seafarers regarding cardiovascular diseases.

Globally, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) remain the leading cause of mortality. Due to the nature of their work and lifestyle on board, Filipino seafarers have a high propensity towards acquiring CVD. ...

Graphic Depictions: Portrayals of Mental Illness in Video Games.

Although studies have examined portrayals of mental illness in the mass media, little attention has been paid to such portrayals in video games. In this descriptive study, the fifty highest-selling vi...

Facilitation or disengagement? Attention bias in facial affect processing after short-term violent video game exposure.

Previous research has been inconsistent on whether violent video games exert positive and/or negative effects on cognition. In particular, attentional bias in facial affect processing after violent vi...

Revealing Event Saliency in Unconstrained Video Collection.

Recent progresses in multimedia event detection have enabled us to find videos about a predefined event from a large-scale video collection. Research towards more intrinsic unsupervised video understa...

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