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23:51 EDT 28th May 2016 | BioPortfolio

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p53 Gene Therapy rDNA Introgen

p53 Gene Therapy rDNA Shenzhen

Prothrombin 20210 Gene Mutation

Oncogenic BRAF in cancer

Oncogenic BRAF can result from mutations in the BRAF gene, which may cause the protein to become overactive. The most common alteration in the BRAF gene leads to the BRAFV600E mutation. Mutations in...

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Restoration: 'Garden of Eden' unrealistic

We consider the proposed use of a 'pre-degradation' state as a reference baseline for damaged ecosystems to be unrealistic (J.Kotiahoet al. Nature532, 37; 10.1038/532037c2016). Instead of this 'Garden...

Embrace Low-Cap Biotech For High Gains: Eden Rahim Of Next Edge Capital

Biotech is a slow-growth world, but if you can show good organic growth, the market will eventually pay up. Eden Rahim of Toronto-based Next Edge Capital has had his share of multibagger and grand-sla...

Evolution of vertebrate sex chromosomes and dosage compensation

The differentiation of sex chromosomes in vertebrates created a need for mechanisms that compensate for differences in dosage of gene expression between the sexes. The author reviews the diversity of ...

How a developmental gene controls feeding behaviour

New insights into a Hox gene have been gained by biologists, using the fruit fly model organism. The team of scientists studied the function of a special developmental gene of the Hox gene family. Thi...

The Review of Reviews – the Best Ones of 2015!

As you all are aware of this year, we have published a lot of brilliant reviews on some of the hottest topics in the Biotech Industry! This article highlights the favourite ones of our nearly 150 000 ...

Biosimilars Reviews Could Be Extended Two Months In BsUFA II

FDA hopes for first-cycle approvals by putting applications in a system like the 'Program' used for new drug reviews.

Evolution by gene loss

Gene loss is emerging as a pervasive source of genetic variation. The authors review the mechanisms by which gene loss has influenced evolution of different species and discuss insights from comparati...

EFORT Open Reviews: First issue released in January 2016

Read the first issue of EFORT Open Reviews, the new open access journal from EFORT and The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery. EFORT Open Reviews (EOR) articles include:

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Gene expression: PolyQ repeats regulate transcription.

Autoimmunity: Aberrant regulation of gene expression in systemic lupus erythematosus.

Systematic reviews in oral health: A quality imperative.

Systematic reviews must be conducted responsibly, eliminating any scope for error and bias. The reporting quality of a systematic review should follow and conform to the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting It...

Co-evolution of the MHC class I and KIR gene families in rhesus macaques: ancestry and plasticity.

Researchers dealing with the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I and killer immunoglobulin receptor (KIR) multi-gene families in humans are often wary of the complex and seemingly different situatio...

Sound of silence: the properties and functions of repressive Lys methyltransferases.

The methylation of histone Lys residues by Lys methyltransferases (KMTs) regulates chromatin organization and either activates or represses gene expression, depending on the residue that is targeted. ...

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