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05:47 EDT 21st April 2014 | BioPortfolio

Original Source: New Review on HPV, Related Cancer and Treatments; polyDNA Recommends Gene-Eden-VIR against the Latent HPV

A review published on October 14, 2013 in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention looked at the epidemiology of HPV infection, the development of cervical cancer, the economic and health burden of HPV-related diseases, and the results of recent clinical vaccination trials (1). polyDNA recommends Gene-Eden-VIR to help the immune system target the latent HPV. Rochester, NY (PRWEB) October 24, 2013 An excellent review of scientific and medical studies on HPV, the type of cancers it causes, and the available...

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Gene Function

p53 Gene Therapy rDNA Introgen

p53 Gene Therapy rDNA Shenzhen

Prothrombin 20210 Gene Mutation

Oncogenic BRAF in cancer

Oncogenic BRAF can result from mutations in the BRAF gene, which may cause the protein to become overactive. The most common alteration in the BRAF gene leads to the BRAFV600E mutation. Mutations in...

Matching News

Study: Epstein Barr Virus Can Cause Depression in Pregnant Women; polyDNA Recommends Gene-Eden-VIR against the Latent EBV

A study published on June 3, 2013 in the journal Scientific Reports found that “maternal depressive symptoms in late pregnancy are associated with Epstein-Barr virus reactivation (1).” polyDNA rev...

Study: Gene-Eden-VIR Reduces Physical and Mental Fatigue; Results of a Post-Marketing Clinical Study on a Natural Remedy

polyDNA is pleased to announce that a new study published on March 26, 2014 in the journal Pharmacology & Pharmacy reports the results of a post marketing clinical study, which “showed that trea...

Gene-Eden-VIR for $1.00; polyDNA Launches a New Campaign

polyDNA will ship a two month supply of Gene-Eden-VIR to customers who present a qualified doctor’s prescription for price of $1.00. Rochester, NY (PRWEB) March 03, 2014 Gene-Eden-VIR is a natural...

Shingles: Can I Get it More than Once?; polyDNA Answers Survey Question and Recommends Gene-Eden-VIR against the Latent VZV

In its latest March 2014 survey, polyDNA found that up to 78% of respondents who had a herpes zoster outbreak wanted to know if it was possible to have another. polyDNA reviews the literature on this...

Unknown Practices at Post Hospital Care Facility Led to HCV Outbreak; polyDNA Recommends Gene-Eden-VIR, a Natural HCV Remedy

An article published in The San Francisco Chronicle quoted the Associated Press on December 27, 2013 and said that “a hepatitis C outbreak … infected 44 people from the Minot area (1).” polyDNA...

Men: The New Target of the HPV Virus; polyDNA Recommends Gene-Eden-VIR to Help the Immune System Target the Latent HPV

A study published in January 2014 in the journal Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations found that “The consistently higher prevalence of HPV in men suggests that women may have a s...

Study: Natural Products Best Treatment against Latent Herpes Viruses; polyDNA Recommends the Natural Remedy Gene-Eden-VIR against Latent Herpes

A study published in October, 2013 in the Journal of Microbiology says that “natural products could be one of the best choices for development of new treatments for latent herpesvirus infection (1)....

Study: Herpes Viruses Can Cause Strokes in Children; polyDNA Recommends That Parents Ask Their Pediatricians About Gene-Eden-VIR

An article published on February 12, 2014 on said that several new studies found that common infections with viruses such as HSV-1 (oral herpes) and chickenpox may increase the risk of...

Matching PubMed Articles

Gene regulation: Translation steps up to a regulatory role.

Adrenal cancer: Epigenetic regulation of steroid biosynthesis gene expression in aldosteronomas.

The Garden of Eden: Implications for cardiovascular disease prevention.

Creationists and evolutionists acknowledge that the human diet has passed through at least four phases. The original plant food-based diet; a second phase of increasing meat consumption; a third phase...

Gene therapy for lysosomal storage disorders.

Lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs) are a group of single-gene disorders that have proven to be highly informative in revealing the merits of gene transfer as a technology platform. Over the past severa...

A critical appraisal of the systematic review process: Systematic reviews of zirconia single crowns.

Systematic reviews analyze the data of published research in an effort to assemble the scientific evidence to help clinicians apply evidence-based information in decision making. The quality of system...

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