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04:50 EDT 31st August 2015 | BioPortfolio

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India, in the Asian subcontinent is the world’s fourth largest producer of pharmaceuticals, and is thought as one of the most promising biotech markets in the world. Several important steps ...

India ink colloidal carbon stain

Biotech jobs

Czech Republic

Able to take advantage of a €2 European funding stimulus in 2009, the Czech Republic is one of Europe's top 5 centers for biotechnology companies. In just over decade, the Czech Republic ha...


In addition to the Silicon Valley, California on the west coast of the USA is home to a biotechnology hub. 26% of all American biotechnology firms are located in this state, but they count for over ...

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ISAAA Releases Report on Biotech Cotton in India

Biotech cotton has transformed the cotton cultivation, production and export of raw cotton, and the availability of quality cotton for the Indian textile industry in the last 13 years (2002-2014). Thi...

“Make biologics in India” slogan reverberates in BIO

Biospectrum The large Indian biotech delegation unleashed the “Make in India” campaign showcasing the changed regul...

India said to be moving toward approval of biotech mustard

India is reportedly considering the commercial approval of biotech mustard.  -More- 

Country Biotech Facts and Trends

ISAAA releases the revised series Biotech Country Facts and Trends. The first set in the series features the top five developing biotech countries of Brazil, Argentina, India, China, and Paraguay. Bio...

Indian government to create policy for biotech crops

The prime minister of India reportedly tapped the National Institution for Transforming India Aayog, an economic think tank,  -More- 

"Second green revolution" in India attainable through biotechnology, experts say

Experts in India agreed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's sentiment that the use of biotech crops can help the country achi -More- 

Former agriculture minister of India says biotech crop field trial requirement is unneeded

Sharad Pawar, the former agriculture minister of India, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discontinue a policy that requi -More- 

Monsanto India nears end of biotech corn trials

The results of the final-stage open field trial of Monsanto India's biotech corn, which is expected to boost yields by 15-20% -More- 

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Biosimilars in India.

Biosimilars have been defined as biotech drugs that have been shown to have comparable quality, safety and efficacy to the original product. The past decade has seen a significant increase in interest...

Promoting patient safety in India: Situational analysis and the way forward.

Unsafe healthcare is a well-recognized issue internationally and is attracting attention in India as well. Drawing upon the various efforts that have been made to address this issue in India and abroa...

Genetic Diversity of Enterovirus A71, India.

We have identified circulation of 3 genogroups of enterovirus (EV) A71 in India. A new genogroup (proposed designation G) was discovered during this study. We isolated genogroups D and G in wide geogr...

Old boy biotech.

Genetic diversity and drug susceptibility profile of M. tuberculosis isolated from different regions of India.

Molecular genotyping profiles of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) provide a valuable insight into the evolution and transmission of the bacilli. Due to the lack of comprehensive national level data fr...

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