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00:43 EDT 26th May 2016 | BioPortfolio

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India, in the Asian subcontinent is the world’s fourth largest producer of pharmaceuticals, and is thought as one of the most promising biotech markets in the world. Several important steps ...

India ink colloidal carbon stain

Biotech jobs

Czech Republic

Able to take advantage of a €2 European funding stimulus in 2009, the Czech Republic is one of Europe's top 5 centers for biotechnology companies. In just over decade, the Czech Republic ha...


Carolina, on the southeastern US coast is a hotbed for biotechnology companies. The regional industry support organization, The North Carolina Biotechnology Center, is the oldest of its type in th...

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What happened this week? Top 10 Biotech gifts, Documentary on India, 10 Medtech Inventions

Monday: Discover India’s Growing Biotech ecosystem in our Latest Documentary! Tuesday: Becoming Cyborg: 10 Amazing MedTech Inventions in the Biotech Industry Wednesday: Top 10 Biotech Gifts You NEED...

Discover India’s Growing Biotech ecosystem in our Latest Documentary!

India is now the fastest growing economy in the world. It is an incredible kaleidoscope of 1.3 billion people, nearly 1000 languages, and 10,000 sub-cultures and countless varieties of cuisine and tr...

Former official calls for increased biotech crop research in India

Sharad Pawar, India's former agriculture minister, urged the country to conduct more research on biotech crops because of the -More- 

State in India prepares for biotech crop field trials

The government of Telangana in India is making preparations to permit seedmakers to initiate biotech crop field trials, despi -More- 

#jobs #lifescience Research Fellow Biotechnology @ India Innovation Center

// India Innovation Research Center is a newly established not-for-profit research institute with the mandate to promote convergent fundamental as well The post Research Fellow Biotechnology @ India I...

India should consider use of biotech crops, expert says

The effects of climate change on the agriculture sector are already being felt in India, and the use of agricultural biotechn -More- 

India's biotech moment: A made-in-India Zika virus vaccine

A journalist takes images of a presentation on the Zika virus at a press conference in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Vaccines and bio-therapeutic manufacturer Bharat Biotech said it was developing two candi...

India to continue evaluation process for biotech mustard

Prakash Javadekar, India's environment minister, said the government will not "[stand] in the way of science" but will contin -More- 

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Biosimilars in India.

Biosimilars have been defined as biotech drugs that have been shown to have comparable quality, safety and efficacy to the original product. The past decade has seen a significant increase in interest...

Neuro-oncology biotech industry progress report.

The Brain Tumor Biotech Center at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, in collaboration with Voices Against Brain Cancer hosted The Brain Tumor Biotech Summit at in New York City in June 2015...

Drugs for cardiovascular disease in India: perspectives of pharmaceutical executives and government officials on access and development-a qualitative analysis.

India shoulders the greatest global burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), which are the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Drugs are the bedrock of treatment and prevention of CVD. India's phar...

Old boy biotech.

Inexpensive rotavirus vaccine launched in India.

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