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Iron storage and recycling

Lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs)

Lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) represent a group of about 50 genetic disorders caused by deficiencies of lysosomal proteins. Most involve genetic mutations causing loss of function of key catabo...

Immune system

Reninangiotensinaldosterone system

Motor system

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Go Fishing for RNA-Protein Interactions with a Yeast Three-Hybrid Assay

If you’re hoping to reel in a positive interaction between a protein and an RNA sequence, try to catch a winner with a yeast three-hybrid assay. What is yeast three-hybrid (Y3H)? The Y3H system is b...

An integrated evaluation framework for water storage strategies in Sub-Sahara Africa

(World Scientific) Direct abstraction of water from rivers through ponds and pumping devices seems the most attractive water storage option in Ethiopia. However, the funding agencies that may be inter...

Data Storage on DNA Can Keep It Safe for Centuries

The New York Times | Scientists have shown that DNA molecules can be the basis for a long-term storage system potentially capable of holding all of the world's digital information in a tiny space.

The 4 C’s of Using the Cloud to Support Scientific Research

Many organizations already take advantage of the storage cloud for backup and archive data. But several trickier challenges, specifically the problems of client-to-storage latency, data migration, and...

Paso Robles Self Storage Providers River Road Mini Storage Release List Of 5 Tips For Using Rental Storage

Paso Robles, CA (PRWEB) February 05, 2016 When one is tired of trying to cram belongings into spare space that just isn’t there...

Possible Energy-Storage System Formed through Chemical Conversions

Read more about Possible Energy-Storage System Formed through Chemical ConversionsComments

Fish oil helps transform fat cells from storage to burning

(Kyoto University) Kyoto University researchers have found that fish oil transforms fat-storage cells into fat-burning cells, which may reduce weight gain in middle age. Fish oil activates receptors i...

Hybrid forms of the common house mosquito may serve as vectors between birds, humans

Researchers, for the first time, collected hybrid forms of two species of the house mosquito in eastern Austria. The reproductive hybrid feeds the blood of both birds and humans. Hybrid mosquitoes cou...

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A Techno-Economic Assessment of Hybrid Cooling Systems for Coal- and Natural-Gas-fired Power Plants with and without Carbon Capture and Storage.

Advanced cooling systems can be deployed to enhance the resilience of thermoelectric power generation systems. This study developed and applied a new power plant modeling option for a hybrid cooling s...

A novel integrated thermal-/membrane-based solar energy-driven hybrid desalination system: Concept description and simulation results.

In this paper, a hybrid desalination system consisting of vacuum membrane distillation (VMD) and adsorption desalination (AD) units, designated as VMD-AD cycle, is proposed. The synergetic integration...

Analysis of the spectroscopy of a hybrid system composed of a superconducting flux qubit and diamond NV(-) centers.

A hybrid system that combines the advantages of a superconductor flux qubit and an electron spin ensemble in diamond is one of the promising devices to realize quantum information processing. Explorin...

One-pot synthesis of three-dimensional graphene/CNTs/SnO2 hybrid architectures with enhanced lithium storage properties.

3D graphene/carbon nanotubes (CNTs)/SnO2 (GCS) hybrid architectures were constructed by a facile and cost-effective one-pot self-assembly approach through hydrothermal treatment of a mixed precursor o...

A 3D µPAD based on a multi-enzyme organic-inorganic hybrid nanoflower reactor.

This work reports on the development of a 3D microfluidic paper-based device (3D µPAD) for glucose detection using organic-inorganic hybrid nanoflower technology to immobilize the bi-enzymatic system...

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