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06:29 EDT 5th May 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Iron supplementation: When less is really more

Anaemia is often the result of an iron deficiency. In such cases the patients, who are typically female, will be prescribed iron supplements to be taken daily. In cases of severe deficiency, the dosag...

CHMP Backs Ferric Maltol for Iron Deficiency Anemia in IBD

Ferric maltol is an oral trivalent iron preparation that increases hemoglobin levels in patients with IBD with iron deficiency anemia. International Approvals

IV Iron in Nondialyzed CKD 'Risky'

Dr Jeffrey Berns urges caution when using intravenous iron to treat iron deficiency anemia in CKD patients who are not on dialysis. Medscape Nephrology

[Seminar] Iron deficiency anaemia

Anaemia affects roughly a third of the world's population; half the cases are due to iron deficiency. It is a major and global public health problem that affects maternal and child mortality, physical...

How does the gut microbiota respond to iron replacement?

(Technical University of Munich (TUM)) Iron deficiency is often an issue in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. An international and interdisciplinary research group under the aegis of the ZIEL...

Extended indication for Monofer

Monofer (iron isomaltoside; Pharmacosmos) is now indicated for adult patients with iron deficiency when either oral iron preparations are ineffective or cannot be used, or where there is a clinical ne...

Head lice infestation could cause iron deficiency anemia

(HealthDay)—Head lice infestation could cause iron deficiency anemia in the absence of any other cause, according to a case report published online Nov. 5 in BMJ Case Reports.

Solidly Positive Phase III Data Boost Keryx’ Struggling Iron Drug Auryxia

Keryx set to pursue expanded FDA labeling of its phosphate binder Auryxia to pre-dialysis patients with iron deficiency, a patient population already approved for treatment in Europe.

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chronic inflammation induced by obesity alters iron homeostasis leading to mild /moderate iron deficiency and anaemia. Between 14% and 43% of patients may suffer from iron deficiency without anaemia b...

Effects of developmental iron deficiency and post-weaning iron repletion on the levels of iron transporter proteins in rats.

Iron deficiency in early life is associated with developmental problems, which may persist until later in life. The question of whether iron repletion after developmental iron deficiency could restore...

Comparison of ferrous sulfate, polymaltose complex and iron-zinc in iron deficiency anemia.

The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of different oral iron preparations in children with iron deficiency anemia (IDA).

Iron deficiency: still under-diagnosed?

Anaemia resulting from iron deficiency is one of the commonest diseases affecting humankind. Although its diagnosis and management may be straightforward, iron deficiency is underdiagnosed in nations ...

Systematic review of randomized trials of the effect of iron supplementation on iron stores and oxygen carrying capacity in pregnancy.

Anemia in pregnancy affects 25% of all pregnancies in Europe with iron deficiency affecting even more. Despite supplementation iron deficiency persists. This review will assess the effect on serum fer...

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