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09:12 EST 4th December 2016 | BioPortfolio

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New insights into cause of phantom limb pain may have therapeutic benefits

(Osaka University) Osaka University-led researchers showed that phantom limb pain can be reduced by changes in cortical plasticity and not by reconstruction of motor function, as previously thought. B...

High Sensitivity TnT: Only Modest Benefit in Assessing Chest Pain

In a first-of-kind trial in Australia researchers used a high-sensitivity troponin assay to assess chest pain within routine emergency-department care. Heartwire from Medscape

Grip strength improved in women with osteoarthritis who do hand exercises, according to study

A new study has showed that hand exercises can significantly help women with the pain of hand osteoarthritis, improve drip strength, hand function and also with fatigue where the pain from the disease...

Sensitivity attributable to pain found transferable to other mice

(Medical Xpress)—A team of researchers with Oregon Health and Science University has found that pain sensitivity in mice is transferable to other mice. In their paper published in the journal Scienc...

Interview: GSK India's Playbook For Vaccines Dominance

Deft pricing and effective physician engagement appear to have helped shape GSK's sustained dominance in the Indian self-pay vaccines market...   

Adding music to pain meds may reduce pain

As a complement to traditional pain relief tools like medication, listening to music may lessen acute or chronic pain related to cancer and other conditions, according to a new review.

Poetry Friday: Artificial Pain

When something that once was has gone, It lingers in a phantom land; You find the strength to carry on, Then close your eyes and feel your hand.   It lingers in a phantom land, With memorie...

High-sensitivity cardiac troponin I assay may help identify or rule out MI

Results from two studies published in JAMA Cardiology indicate that a high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I assay may help identify or rule out MI in patients who arrive at the ED with chest pain.High-s...

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Pain Sensitivity and its Relation to Spreading on the body, Intensity, Frequency, and Duration of Pain: A Cross-sectional Population-based Study (SwePain).

Individuals with chronic pain often report increased pain sensitivity compared to pain free individuals, so it is crucial to determine if and how different pain characteristics influence or interact w...

Change of the Corticospinal Tract in the Unaffected Hemisphere by Change of the Dominant Hand Following Stroke: A Cohort Study.

We investigated the change of the corticospinal tract (CST) in the unaffected hemisphere by the change of the dominant hand in stroke patients, using diffusion tensor tractography (DTT).Forty-eight st...

Hemispheric speech lateralisation in the developing brain is related to motor praxis ability.

Commonly displayed functional asymmetries such as hand dominance and hemispheric speech lateralisation are well researched in adults. However there is debate about when such functions become lateralis...

Combined glutamate and glutamine levels in pain-processing brain regions are associated with individual pain sensitivity.

The relationship between glutamate and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels in the living human brain and pain sensitivity is unknown. Combined glutamine/glutamate (Glx), as well as GABA levels can be m...

Dexamethasone-suppressed Salivary Cortisol and Pain Sensitivity in Female Twins.

Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysregulation is associated with chronic pain. Studying pain sensitivity and the HPA axis could elucidate the role of stress in chronic pain development, whic...

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