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Spinal cord

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that descends through the bottom of the skull from the base of the brain (brainstem) and descends to the bottom of the spine, where it thins, and becomes the ca...

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Flipping Fifty Shades eroticises equality

Christine Grey would have been just as sexy as Christian Grey as the lead character in Fifty Shades of Grey – and resulted in less ambivalence about rape.

Don't blame grey squirrels: Their British invasion had much more to do with us

(Imperial College London) DNA profiling reveals grey squirrels are not as good invaders as we think, and that humans played a much larger role in spreading them through the UK.

Larger wine glasses may lead people to drink more

Selling wine in larger wine glasses may encourage people to drink more, even when the amount of wine remains the same, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge. In a study published toda...

Joel Elkes (1913–2015)

A pioneer of neuropsychopharmacology, Joel Elkes’ research on the drug chlorpromazine helped revolutionise the treatment of those with psychotic illness.

Bug Eyes: Tiny Glasses Confirm 3D Vision in Insects

Miniature glasses have proved that mantises use 3D vision - providing a new model to improve visual perception in robots.

Tiny 3-D glasses confirm insect 3-D vision

Miniature glasses have proved that mantises use 3D vision - providing a new model to improve visual perception in robots. Most knowledge about 3D vision has come from vertebrates, however, a team fro...

Bug eyes: Tiny 3-D glasses confirm insect 3-D vision

(Newcastle University) Miniature glasses have proved that mantises use 3-D vision - providing a new model to improve visual perception in robots.

New smart glasses designed to aid patients with low vision

NuEyes and Osterhout Design Group announced the release of portable smart glasses for patients with low vision.Osterhout Design Group (ODG) combined its R-7 smart glasses with NuEyes’ lenses and pro...

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Optical properties of Er(3+)-doped oxyfluoride glasses.

Er(3+)-singly doped and Er(3+)/Yb(3+)-codoped 50SiO2-(50-x)BaF2-xZnF2(SBZx) oxyfluoride glasses are prepared and the optical properties of Er(3+)-singly doped glasses are investigated by using the Jud...

Direct CVD-derived graphene glasses targeting wide ranged applications.

Direct growth of graphene on traditional glasses is of great importance for various daily-life applications. We report herein the catalyst-free atmospheric-pressure chemical vapor deposition approach ...

Effect on falls of providing single lens distance vision glasses to multifocal glasses wearers: VISIBLE randomised controlled trial.

Vapor-deposited glasses of methyl-m-toluate: How uniform is stable glass transformation?

AC chip nanocalorimetry is used to characterize vapor-deposited glasses of methyl-m-toluate (MMT). Physical vapor deposition can prepare MMT glasses that have lower heat capacity and significantly hig...

Cullen Sign and Grey Turner Sign Revisited.

Cullen sign and Grey Turner sign, named after Thomas Stephen Cullen, MB, and George Grey Turner, MBBS, respectively, are signs of abdominal wall hemorrhage and are generally associated with acute panc...

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