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H1N1 Swine Influenza

Increased tear production


Lab-on-a-chip is the new trend in molecular testing, used both clinically and for research. It condenses all the processes of a conventional laboratory into a single chip which can be operated autom...

Antibody classes

An antibody, also known as an immunoglobulin, is a large Y-shaped protein used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. The antibody recognizes a...

BioPortfolio Twitter Accounts

BioPortfolio has created approx 200 Twitter accounts with currently (June 2015 - 46,000 Twitter Followers) to support our users interest in keeping upto date on the latest news, research papers, rep...

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Influenza Virus Surveillance in US Swine Production Systems

This study investigates the prevalence of influenza A viruses in coordinated swine production systems in the United States. Emerging Infectious Diseases

Report: Rainbow lashes are latest viral beauty trend

Gina AcostaWhile rainbow hair seemed to be the "it" beauty phenomenon of 2015, the colorful trend has now expanded to another part of the body: eyelashes. According to InStyle magazine, rain...

Iran reports 112 swine flu deaths since mid-Nov

A swine flu outbreak in Iran has killed 112 people since mid-November and the country's first medical worker has died of the virus, media said on Monday.

Swine flu toll up by 15, reached 57 in Iran: Official

An outbreak of swine flu has claimed 57 lives since mid-November in Iran, where hundreds of people have been diagnosed with the virus, the health ministry said Tuesday.

Two die of swine flu in Bosnia

Health authorities in Bosnia say two people have died of swine flu and another six are hospitalized.

At least 12 deadly swine flu cases reported in Russia

At least 12 people have died of swine flu in Russia since last month, according to AFP calculations based on the statements of regional health authorities, as the virus gains ground in the country.

At least 50 deadly swine flu cases reported in Russia

At least 50 people have died of swine flu in Russia since last month, according to AFP calculations based on data from regional health authorities, as the virus seems to gain ground in the country.

Armenia says 10 people died from H1N1 swine flu

YEREVAN (Reuters) - Ten people have died from H1N1 swine flu in Armenia in the last two months but there is no danger of a mass outbreak, a spokeswoman for the country's health ministry said on Wednes...

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Kinetics of Methane Production from Swine Manure and Buffalo Manure.

The degradation kinetics of swine and buffalo manure for methane production was investigated. Six kinetic models were employed to describe the corresponding experimental data. These models were evalua...

Characterization of Viral Load, Viability and Persistence of Influenza A Virus in Air and on Surfaces of Swine Production Facilities.

Indirect transmission of influenza A virus (IAV) in swine is poorly understood and information is lacking on levels of environmental exposure encountered by swine and people during outbreaks of IAV in...

Influenza Virus Surveillance in Coordinated Swine Production Systems, United States.

To clarify the epidemiology of influenza A viruses in coordinated swine production systems to which no animals from outside the system are introduced, we conducted virologic surveillance during Septem...

Mass and Energy Balances of Dry Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion Treating Swine Manure Mixed with Rice Straw.

To evaluate the feasibility of swine manure treatment by a proposed Dry Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion (DT-AD) system, we evaluated the methane yield of swine manure treated using a DT-AD method wit...

Chicken egg yolk antibodies (IgY) as non-antibiotic production enhancers for use in swine production: a review.

In recent years, the use of in-feed antibiotics for growth and disease prevention in livestock production has been under severe scrutiny. The use and misuse of in-feed antibiotics has led to problems ...

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