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10:17 EDT 5th May 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is a carcinomatous cancer occurring in many different organs, including the skin, lips, mouth, esophagus, urinary bladder, prostate, lungs, vagina, and cervix. It is a ...

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Deaths: Kenneth Leak

On 12 January 2016, Kenneth Leak, aged 84, of Durham, County Durham. Mr Leak registered with the Society in 1954 and left in 2011. 

California Methane Gas Leak Leads to Sickness and Lawsuits

The largest natural gas leak in California’s history sickened residents and forced more than 1,600 families to leave their homes, and 1,700 more are expected to vacate the area. Families suffer...

Guideline for Barrett's Esophagus Updated by ACG

New American College of Gastroenterology guidance significantly changes clinical recommendations on the treatment, diagnosis, and surveillance of Barrett's esophagus. Medscape Medical News

Impact of Surveillance for Barrett Esophagus on Progression

Does endoscopic surveillance improve detection of esophageal adenocarcinoma at an earlier stage in patients with Barrett's esophagus? Gut

Fear Of Future Health Problems Plagues Porter Ranch, Calif., Gas Leak Victims

Even after the gas leak in Porter Ranch has been sealed, worries persist about the long-term health risks for residents.

Back to school for children displaced by Los Angeles-area gas leak

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In the latest disruption from the biggest methane gas leak in California history, nearly 2,000 Los Angeles children returning to class this week after winter break have been re...

Physician reports esophagus regenerated with stents and human tissue

A successful regeneration of the esophagus using off-the-shelf, commercially available FDA-approved stents and donated human skin used off-label, resulted in restoration of swallowing function with we...

American doctors make new esophagus using stents and skin

American doctors have made a new esophagus for a young man, using donated skin tissue and metal stents, in the latest example of scientists creating body parts in the lab to help patients with few oth...

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Benign intramural schwannoma of the esophagus - case report.

Schwannomas of the esophagus are rare peripheral nerve tumors. A 37-year-old woman with dysphagia was found to have an intramural tumor of the upper esophagus. The lesion was revealed on computed tomo...

The impact of lifestyle on Barrett's Esophagus: A precursor to esophageal adenocarcinoma.

Barrett's Esophagus (BE), particularly long-segment Barrett's Esophagus, and the age of onset of Barrett's Esophagus are risk factors for esophageal adenocarcinoma. However, it is unknown if lifestyle...

Chyle Leak Following Neck Dissection: Could Radiotherapy Be Considered a Management Option?

Chyle leak after neck dissection is a relatively rare complication in head and neck cancer scenario.This review summarizes the basic knowledge of chyle leak underlying the potential benefit induced by...

Multistage resection of esophageal squamous cell cancer of the cardia - successful despite complications.

Surgery is the treatment of choice for squamous cell esophageal cancer. Complete resection of the esophagus with reconstruction of the digestive tract is performed for tumors located in the chest or c...

Esophagus adenocarcinoma in a young patient with celiac disease; Is celiac disease a predisposing factor for esophagus adenocarcinoma as well as squamous cell carcinoma?

We report a 36-year-old female with longstanding oily diarrhea and new-onset dysphagia that was diagnosed as celiac disease and esophagus adenocarcinoma. Celiac is a multisystemic autoimmune disease a...

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