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18:20 EDT 24th July 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Study identifies the protein that puts the brakes on melanin production.

Intracellular organelles mediate complex cell-based functions that often require ion-transport across their membranes. Melanosomes are organelles responsible for the synthesis of the major mammalian p...

Formation of the browning pigment melanin decoded

Melanin is a pigment which is present in almost all life forms and that determines hair and skin color in humans. It helps insects protect themselves against the effects of pathogenic microorganisms a...

Study finds that protein puts the brakes on melanin

(Brown University) Skin, eye and hair pigmentation requires a delicate balance of acidity within the cellular compartments where melanin is made -- that balance is partly regulated, scientists now kn...

Study finds that TPC2 protein regulates melanin production

A year and a half ago, researchers at Brown University found a molecular gas pedal for melanin production. Now they've found a brake. For scientists, the finding deepens not only the basic understandi...

Membrane trafficking: The second job of ULKs

Autophagy-initiating kinases ULK1 and ULK2 are now shown to function independently of autophagy in regulating protein trafficking from the ER.

If Your Roots Are in Europe, You Are More Likely to Have a Gray Hair Gene

A gene that regulates melanin has a variant that is more common among Europeans and involved in early graying. -- Read more on

Tyrosinase inhibitors from terrestrial and marine resources

(Bentham Science Publishers) Tyrosinase is a multifunctional copper-containing enzyme widely distributed in microorganisms as well as plants and animals which has a primordial role in melanin biosynth...

Enzyme pair play crucial role in maintaining balance of cellular processes

Researchers at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have uncovered how two enzymes, ULK1 and ULK2, which are best known for their role in the degradation and recycling of proteins, control the traffi...

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Cuttlefish Ink Melanin Encapsulated in Nanolipid Bubbles and Applied Through a Micro-Needling Procedure Easily Stains White Hair Facilitating Photoepilation.

Photothermolysis of unwanted hair depends on the presence of melanin in the hair follicle as the chromophore, but is not effective in patients with non-pigmented, melanin-sparse hair shafts and follic...

Sub-nm 3D observation of human hair melanin by high-voltage STEM.

The ultrastructure of melanin granules in human hair was studied using 1,000 kV high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscopy to successfully reconstruct three-dimensional images of the whole...

Autophagy protein Ulk1 promotes mitochondrial apoptosis through reactive oxygen species.

Regardless of rapid progression in the field of autophagy, it remains a challenging task to understand the cross talk with apoptosis. In this study, we overexpressed Ulk1 in HeLa cells and evaluated t...

Atg13 is essential for autophagy and cardiac development in mice.

Autophagy is a major intracellular degradation system by which cytoplasmic components are enclosed by autophagosomes and delivered to lysosomes. Formation of the autophagosome requires a set of autoph...

The Noncanonical Role of ULK/ATG1 in ER-to-Golgi Trafficking Is Essential for Cellular Homeostasis.

ULK1 and ULK2 are thought to be essential for initiating autophagy, and Ulk1/2-deficient mice die perinatally of autophagy-related defects. Therefore, we used a conditional knockout approach to invest...

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