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Tumor markers

Tumor markers are substances produced by tumor cells or by other cells of the body in response to cancer or certain benign (noncancerous) conditions. These substances can be found in the blood, in t...


With the United Kingdom, Scotland represents a long-standing center of biotechnological excellence, ranked in the top 5 in the world. Over the years, the following important developments have occurr...

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From genotype to molecular phenotype by proteomics

Dr Lehtiö explains how the field of proteomics is beginning to reach the fore of cancer research, at the 3rd EurocanPlatform Translational Research Course. He describes how proteomics can help in un...

SYGNIS plans to acquire profitable proteomics player

SYGNIS AG resolved, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, to acquire Expedeon Holdings Ltd., a privately held UK proteomics companywith sales offices in the U.S., UK and Singapore. Expedeon deve...

Proteomics data on the rise: how can you take part?

Open proteomics: submit and download @pride_ebi data in @ProteomeXchange

#jobs #lifescience Postdoctoral fellows in proteomics

// The Figeys’ lab, at the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology is recruiting multiple postdoctoral positions.  The lab is a proteomics-centerd group, divided equally between experimental and c...

Novel EU-funded collaborative proteomics project to bring proteomics to clinical application

Novel proteomic technologies that are so robust and powerful that they can be used in every biological laboratory and in every clinic are expected as results of the currently starting research consort...

Proteomics and precision medicine

(University of Iowa Health Care) Researchers at the University of Iowa have used personalized proteomics to devise a successful treatment strategy for a patient with uveitis, a potentially blinding ey...

Using proteomics to understand Alzheimer’s: an interview with Dr Renã Robinson

In our bioanalytical mass spectrometry lab we use proteomics techniques to try to understand more about Alzheimer's disease. The primary thrust of our research is that we're interested in understandin...

New Proteomics Tools to Open Up Drug Discovery

In the current genomic era of very accurate DNA analyses by in situ hybridization, DNA chip analyses, and deep sequencing, it is often assumed that antibodies have an analogous ability to identify mol...

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Ecological proteomics: is the fi eld ripe for integrating proteomics into evolutionary ecology research?

Back cover: Legume proteomics: Progress, prospects, and challenges.

DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201500257 Legume proteomics is currently represented by more than 100 reference maps and an equal number of stress-responsive proteomes. This diagram illustrates the key aspects of l...

Computational proteomics: Integrating mass spectral data into a biological context.

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