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21:19 EDT 5th October 2015 | BioPortfolio

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Tumor markers

Tumor markers are substances produced by tumor cells or by other cells of the body in response to cancer or certain benign (noncancerous) conditions. These substances can be found in the blood, in t...


With the United Kingdom, Scotland represents a long-standing center of biotechnological excellence, ranked in the top 5 in the world. Over the years, the following important developments have occurr...

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Global Proteomics Market 2015-2019

About Proteomics Proteomics is a systematic study of proteins on a large scale, particularly their functions and structures. Proteomics has the potential to answer some key questions that were unsolve...


The study of the structure and function of proteins, including the way they work and interact with each other inside cells. The post Proteomics appeared first on CancerConnect News.

Proteomics Announces Predictive Test for Diagnosis of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Life sciences company Proteomics International Laboratories has produced and validated a predictive test for the diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease (DKD). The test, called PromarkerD, is the worl...

Thermo Fisher Proteomics Facility for Disease Target Discovery opens at Gladstone

(Gladstone Institutes) The Thermo Fisher Scientific Proteomics Facility for Disease Target Discovery opened today at the Gladstone Institutes, as part of a collaboration between Thermo Fisher, Gladsto...

Systematic proteomics of the VCP–UBXD adaptor network identifies a role for UBXN10 in regulating ciliogenesis

Through proteomics, Harper and colleagues identify proteins interacting with UBXD adaptors for the multifunctional AAA-ATPase VCP and reveal a role for UBXN10 in ciliogenesis.

Multidimensional proteomics for cell biology

Advances in mass spectrometry-based proteomics are enabling the multidimensional analysis of protein properties such as abundance, localization, post-translational modifications and interactions for t...

Proteomics assay startup gets funding from UM’s student-run fund

Ann Arbor proteomics startup Phasiq got a small cash infusion from the University of Michigan’s student-run commercialization fund. It’ll use that funding to scale its multiplex assays.

Proteomics International is the newest ASX biotech, 2pm listing

Proteomics International (ASX:PIQ) will hit the ASX boards today at 2pm AEST, or noon for those in the west.The IPO successfully raised $3.05 million, via the issue of 15.25 million shares at $0.20.PI...

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Proteomics in pharmaceutical research and development.

In the 20 years since its inception, the evolution of proteomics in pharmaceutical industry has mirrored the developments within academia and indeed other industries. From initial enthusiasm and subse...

Cover Picture: Proteomics 18'15.

Editorial Board: Proteomics 18'15.

The twentieth anniversary of Proteomics and some of its origins.

The term 'proteome' was first introduced into the scientific literature in July 1995. Almost 20 years ago attempts to characterize the 'total protein complement able to be encoded by a given genome' o...

Proteomics beyond large-scale protein expression analysis.

Proteomics is commonly referred to as the application of high-throughput approaches to protein expression analysis. Typical results of proteomics studies are inventories of the protein content of a sa...

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