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Original Source: Omnipaque Versus Gastroview as Oral Contrast for Abdominal and Pelvic CT

Patients who are scheduled by their health care provider for routine computed tomography (CT) scan will be asked to participate in this study. The primary purpose is to determine if there is a difference in patient preference for Omnipaque versus Gastroview as oral contrast for abdominal pelvic CT. A secondary objective is to evaluate if there is significant difference in bowel opacification for the two agents.

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Spinal Cord Tumors

A spinal cord tumor is a noncancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant) growth in or around the spinal cord. 10 % originate from the cells within the spinal cord; these cause a fluid-filled cavity...

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Another epic fail: My patient portal doesn’t remember me

Last week, I went to the hospital for a follow-up scan. I had my first scan in May, right after an OB-GYN appointment. I was excited, way back then, because...

What It Feels Like Waiting for Cancer Test Results

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006. For the past eight years since my operation I've gone every few months for a blood test or scan. I just had another clear scan, and by now I'm used ...

PET Scan for Psychotherapy

A study from Harvard Medical School investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital has identified for the first time changes in the metabolic activity of a key brain region in patients successfully t...

Quantitative ICP Scan of Unknown or Suspect Samples

Warwick Analytical Service (WAS) has introduced the Quantitative ICP-Scan, a new service that determines the levels of 67 different elements at low part per million making it ideal for analysing unkno...

Axio Scan.Z1 Digital Slide Scanner Achieves Optimal Image Quality

Flexible automated image capture in bright-field and fluorescence The Axio Scan.Z1, an automated microscope from Carl Zeiss Microscopy, allows researchers to digitalize fixed tissue sections and cytol...

MindwaysCT receives 510(k) clearance for “no-dose” bone densitometry technology.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) September 24, 2014 MindwaysCT’s latest Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT) software innovation makes it possible to assess bone mineral density (BMD) using QCT without...

Taung Child's brain development not human-like? CT scan casts doubt on similarity to that of modern humans

By subjecting the skull of the famous Taung Child to the latest CT scan technology, researchers are now casting doubt on theories that Australopithecus africanus shows the same cranial adaptations fou...

Guided Therapeutics receives approval for LuViva advanced cervical scan in Mexico

The Mexican Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (COFEPRIS) has granted marketing approval for Guided Therapeutics’ LuViva advanced cervical scan in the country.

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Can an abnormal CT scan be predicted from common symptoms after mild head injury in children?

Children have non specific symptoms after mild head injury (MHI). It is difficult to define indication of CT scan among them. We aimed at identification of predictors of CT scan findings after MHI.

Efficacy of i-Scan Imaging for the Detection and Diagnosis of Early Gastric Carcinomas.

We determined comparative efficacy of i-Scan for detection and diagnosis of gastric cancer. Ten patients diagnosed with early gastric cancer based on histopathological findings were analyzed. White li...

Pelvic vein thrombosis with elevated D-dimer level and normal ultrasound scan of the femoral vein.

A 17-year-old female presented with an isolated pelvic vein thrombosis (PVT) which was not visualised at the first compression ultrasound scan of the femoral vein. Isolated PVT should be suspected whe...

GT-Scan: Identifying unique genomic targets.

A number of technologies, including CRISPR/Cas, TALENs and zinc-finger nucleases, allow the user to target a chosen locus for genome editing or regulatory interference. Specificity, however, is a majo...

Bone Scan Index as a prognostic imaging biomarker during androgen deprivation therapy.

Bone Scan Index (BSI) is a quantitative measurement of tumour burden in the skeleton calculated from bone scan images. When analysed at the time of diagnosis, it has been shown to provide prognostic i...

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