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20:32 EDT 20th October 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Yes, Philadelphians Are Swimming In Garbage Dumpsters

Yes, the Phialdelphia City Government has had to tell people to stop swimming in garbage dumpsters. Yes, you read this correctly.

Think Finneran Pink

Please help us find a cure for Breast Cancer. Beginning October 1st until December 31st a portion of each sale of our 9mm R.A.M™ Pink Caps, 11mm Pink Snap Top Caps™ and our Pink Limited V...

A tinkerer takes on cancer by hijacking the tiny garbage trucks inside every cell

A chemist at Yale found a new way to take on cancer: By hijacking tiny cellular garbage trucks to seek and destroy malignant cells.

BRIEF-China Tianying wins bid for garbage incineration power generation project

* Says it won a bid for garbage incineration power generation project in Chongqing city, with total investment of 38.9 million yuan

Left on the garbage heap of the 114th Congress?

Add this to the list of things the 114th U.S. Congress likely won’t get done before it fades into history on Jan. 3: Providing relief from the inter partes review (IPR) intimidation racket. It’s n...

Detailed structure of cell’s garbage disposal unit reveals surprise in how it is targeted by cancer drugs

Malignant cancer cells not only proliferate faster than most healthy cells in our bodies. They also generate more “junk”, such as faulty and damaged proteins. This makes cancer cells inherently m...

Pink: Stronger Than Heroin, But Legal In Most States

The synthetic opioid known as pink, which may have killed two 13-year-olds in Utah, can be ordered legally through the mail.

Detailed structure of cell's garbage disposal unit reveals surprise in how it is targeted by cancer drugs

Cancer cells are more dependent on a cellular garbage disposal unit—the proteasome—than healthy cells, and cancer therapies take advantage of this dependency. Scientists at EMBL and MPI determined...

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The stigma of making a living from garbage: Meta-sterotypes of trash-pickers in León (Nicaragua).

The article analyzes various aspects related to the meta-stereotype of 99 trash pickers who made their living from the garbage dumps in León (Nicaragua). This group is difficult to access, heavily st...

Evaluation of Retinal Function and Morphology of the Pink-Eyed Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) Rat: A Comparative Study of in Vivo and in Vitro Methods.

To characterize the course of retinal degeneration in the pink-eyed RCS rat in vivo and in vitro.

Regional-Scale Declines in Productivity of Pink and Chum Salmon Stocks in Western North America.

Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) stocks throughout the southern part of their North American range have experienced declines in productivity over the past two decades. In this study, we tested the ...

A Pink Conjunctival Lesion.

Dermoscopy of glomus tumor: More white than pink.

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