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Varicella zoster virus (VZV) is one of eight herpes viruses known to infect humans (and other vertebrates). Varicella-zoster virus is known by many names, including: chickenpox virus, varicella viru...

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Chicken Coop Condo Launches the Chicken Tractor

Lewisberry, PA (PRWEB) May 06, 2015 A quality built chicken coop condo with a wheel kit is a great option for a functional yet practical way to raise chickens on a pasture. By installing a wheel k...

India's noodle row and spill-over effects for pharma

Nestle's run-in with Indian regulators over its popular noodle brand, Maggi, being "unsafe" and hazardous" for human consumption may just have put the spotlight on the fast-growing nutraceuticals segm...

After Nestle, India to widen checks to other noodle makers

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India's food safety regulator has ordered state governments to check all noodle products made in the country after high lead levels were found in Nestle India's noodles.

U.S. FDA testing Nestle's Maggi noodles after India recall

ZURICH (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is testing samples of a Nestle instant noodle brand that was recalled from stores across India last week, a spokeswoman for the Swiss foo...

The Original Soupman Announces Seinfeld Actor Larry Thomas Famous for "No Soup for You" Episode to Jump Into the Soup Fulltime

NEW YORK, July 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Public Trading Symbol: SOUP) Soupman, Inc. announces that it has teamed up with actor Larry Thomas, the "Original Soupman" who infamously shouted the phra...

Noodle Tensile Fixture for Perfect Pasta!

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories offers the TA-NTF Noodle Tensile Fixture for their CT3 Texture Analyzer. The Noodle Tensile Fixture is designed to test the extensibility and tensile breaking stre...

Genesis of Life From Primordial Soup Probed by Scientists

In the beginning, life emerged from the primordial soup of amino acids. Single cells became complex life forms, through millions of years of evolution. But how simple chemicals actually became alive h...

India seeks damages from Nestle after noodle scare: government sources

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India's government has filed for damages from food group Nestle after a food scare involving reports of excess lead in Maggi noodles forced a nationwide recall, government offici...

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Annette Trunschke.

My favorite food is Japanese noodle soup, preferably with udon. My favorite song is Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones.

Microencapsulation of Lactobacillus plantarum MTCC 5422 in fructooligosaccharide and whey protein wall systems and its impact on noodle quality.

Noodles are staple cereal food in many countries; however addition of encapsulated probiotics into noodle formulation, its effect on noodle quality and cell viability has not yet been reported. The ai...

Drug recall: An incubus for pharmaceutical companies and most serious drug recall of history.

There has been an increasing trend in the number of prescribed and over-the-counter drug recall over the last few years. The recall is usually due to company's discovery, customer's complaint or Food ...

Improving patient recall of information: Harnessing the power of structure.

Assess the amount of medical information laypeople recall, investigate the impact of structured presentation on recall.

A study on noodle dough rheology and product quality characteristics of fresh and dried noodles as influenced by low glycemic index ingredient.

Low Glycemic Index (LGI) foods help to maintain blood glucose level in diabetic individuals. Pea flour (PF) is known to be one of LGI ingredients used in the food industry. To assess the influence of ...

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