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17:22 EST 25th November 2015 | BioPortfolio

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The bifunctional regulation of interconnected Zn-incorporated ZrO2 nanoarrays in antibiosis and osteogenesis.

New generation biomaterials should be designed to bear long-term antibacterial activity, biocompatibility and even osteogenesis facilitation. In this study, the bifunctional regulation of antibiosis a...

Antibiosis interaction of Staphylococccus aureus on Aspergillus fumigatus assessed in vitro by mixed biofilm formation.

Microorganisms of different species interact in several ecological niches, even causing infection. During the infectious process, a biofilm of single or multispecies can develop. Aspergillus fumigatus...

Pseudomonas fluorescens sp. LBUM223 increases potato yield and reduces common scab symptoms in the field.

Common scab of potato, caused by pathogenic Streptomyces spp., is an important disease not efficiently controlled by current methods. We previously demonstrated that Pseudomonas fluorescens sp. LBUM22...

Ethylene contributes to mir1-mediated maize defense against the phloem-sap sucking insect Rhopalosiphum maidis.

Signaling networks among multiple phytohormones fine-tune plant defense responses to insect herbivore attack. Previously, it was reported that the synergistic combination of ethylene (ET) and jasmonic...

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