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Reno Caps

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Soft Hydrophilic Contact Lenses

Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip

Cleft means 'split' or 'separation', and in Cleft Palate and Lip, the palate and lip are split respectively. This occurs as a congenital abnormality because during development in the...

Bone morphogenetic protein rhBMP

Bone morphogenetic protein 2 (rhBMP-2) is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for anterior lumbar interbody fusion and for acute open tibial fractures; rhBMP-7, on the other hand, is approved...

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a group of 2-methilo-naphthoquinone derivatives. There are three notable forms of vitamin K; K1 which can be synthesized by plants, K2 which can be formed by natural bacteria in the int...


Covidien is the 9th largest global medical device company with annual sales in 2010 of almost $8 billion. Covidien was originally Tyco Healthcare, until June 2007, and has seen year-on-year growth s...

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Study shows tectonic plates not rigid, deform horizontally in cooling process

[NEWS] University of Nevada, Reno University of Nevada, Reno and Rice University professors challenge old assumptions of tectonics RENO, Nev. – The puzzle pieces of tectoni...

University of Nevada, Reno and Renown Health announce partnership for brain fMRI research

(University of Nevada, Reno) University of Nevada, Reno neuroscientists are working with Renown Health to bring new research capabilities to northern Nevada. New functional MRI technology, purchased ...

4Q14 Financial Markets Preview: 'Perfect world' - for now

With the recovery of biotech indices driven by large caps, investors are looking to cherry-pick small- and mid-caps to pad returns in 4Q.

CAPS Announces 503B Registration For Its San Diego Outsourcing Facility

IRVINE, Calif., June 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. (CAPS®) announced that its San Diego location has registered with the FDA as a 503B Outsourcing Facili...

India Price Caps

Yesterday there was a report in Fierce Pharma regarding India placing price caps on a large number (>100) of big selling diabetes and heart drugs. These caps have hurt Sanofi's local sub already as it...

No Drop in Malpractice Payments When Caps Rise to $500K

A study has found that payments are reduced up to 20% with $250,000 caps; effects varied by specialty. California will vote soon on Proposition 46, which would raise the cap to $1.1 million. Medscap...

India Caps Prices Of 43 Molecules, Revises Other Limits

India has added 43 molecules to its list of drugs with price caps, led by those for treating infections and digestive problems, followed by vaccines.

China considering lifting price caps on medicines

China may lift the caps on the cost of medicines, according to a draft proposal.

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Novel layered crystalline organic polymer-inorganic hybrid material comprising calcium phosphate with unique architectures for superior performance catalyst support.

An organic copolymer-inorganic hybrid material, calcium phosphonate-phosphate (CaPS-PVPA), is fabricated under mild conditions. In particular, CaPS-PVPA is not prepared with traditional methods such a...

A2: rapid and sustained response in patients suffering from severe cryopyrin-associated periodic syndromes treated with anakinra (kineret®).

Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndromes (CAPS) are a group of rare inherited autoinflammatory diseases consisting of a spectrum of three conditions: FCAS, Muckle-Wells Syndrome and the most severe for...

Validation of the Spanish version of the Cardiff Anomalous Perceptions Scale in the general population.

Introduction. Interest in the existence of anomalous perceptions in the general population has increased greatly over recent years. Because of this, it has been possible to extend the knowledge regard...

Ultrathin Dendritic Pt3Cu Triangular Pyramid Caps with Enhanced Electro-catalytic Activity.

Here we report on the synthesis of novel dendritic Pt3Cu triangular pyramid caps via a solvothermal co-reduction method. These caps had three dimensional caved structures with ultrathin branches, as e...

Bioconcentration of mercury by mushroom Xerocomus chrysenteron from the spatially distinct locations: Levels, possible intake and safety.

Concentrations of mercury were determined in specimens of Red Cracking Bolete (Xerocomus chrysenteron) (Bull.) Quél. and overlying soil (0-10cm) collected from 22 spatially distributed sites in Polan...

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