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11:34 EDT 24th May 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Scrotal Pain

Painless Scrotal Mass

Penile and Scrotal Disorders

Video capsule endoscopy


PolyXen® is an enabling technology for protein drug delivery.  It uses the natural polymer polysialic acid (PSA) to prolong the active life and improve the stability of therapeutic peptides...

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Piezo2 senses airway stretch and mediates lung inflation-induced apnoea

The mechanoreceptor Piezo2 is required for both the Hering–Breuer inflation reflex in adult mice and the inflation of the lungs of newborn mice.

Human papillomavirus 16 is an aetiological factor of scrotal cancer

Malpractice Premiums Trail Inflation for Some Physicians

The cost of malpractice insurance has been creeping down since 2008, and some physicians are paying less for it than they did in 2001 on an inflation-adjusted basis. Medscape Medical News

Sanofi Pegs U.S. Drug Price Rises to Below Health Care Inflation

French drugmaker Sanofi has pledged to peg U.S. drug price rises to below healthcare inflation in a move that limits increases for any product this year to 5.4 percent, unless there are exceptional ci...

Sanofi pegs U.S. drug price rises to below healthcare inflation

(Reuters) - French drugmaker Sanofi has pledged to peg U.S. drug price rises to below healthcare inflation in a move that limits increases for any product this year to 5.4 percent, unless there are e...

Identifying Faces in Video Images is Major Challenge, Report Shows

To advance video facial identification for these and other applications, the National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted a large public test known as the Face in Video Evaluation

Video game ratings work, if you use them

Nearly every video game sold or downloaded comes with a rating that provides age-appropriate guidelines based on the game's content. Critics have questioned the effectiveness of ratings, but new resea...

Southcoast Health to Deploy Video Remote Interpretation for Patients

Stratus Video announced that its mobile video interpretation solution is now being utilized at all of Southcoast Health’s Southeastern Massachusetts hospitals. Stratus Video’s video remote interp...

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Novel Surgical Approach to Giant Abdominoscrotal Hydrocele - Video.

Repair of abdominoscrotal hydrocele is surgically demanding and may be associated with complications. Herein we describe a surgical technique with Laparoscopic assisted approach. A 6-month boy with ri...

Pharmacokinetics of testosterone cream applied to scrotal skin.

Scrotal skin is thin and has high steroid permeability, but the pharmacokinetics of testosterone via the scrotal skin route has not been studied in detail. The aim of this study was to define the phar...

Diagnosis and management of testicular rupture after blunt scrotal trauma: a literature review.

Testicular rupture, one of the most common complications in blunt scrotal trauma, is the rupture of tunica albuginea and extrusion of seminiferous tubules. Testicular rupture is more inclined to young...


Five sugar gliders ( Petaurus breviceps ), ranging in age from 3 mo to 3.5 yr of age, and one opossum ( Didelphis virginianus ), age 4.5 mo, presented for elective orchiectomy and scrotal ablation. Th...

Sound Speed of Primordial Fluctuations in Supergravity Inflation.

We study the realization of slow-roll inflation in N=1 supergravities where inflation is the result of the evolution of a single chiral field. When there is only one flat direction in field space, it ...

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