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Video capsule endoscopy


PolyXen® is an enabling technology for protein drug delivery.  It uses the natural polymer polysialic acid (PSA) to prolong the active life and improve the stability of therapeutic peptides...


ImuXen® is a liposomal technology platform designed to improve the delivery and effectiveness of DNA, protein and polysaccharide vaccines. Proof of concept preclinical studies with a number of...

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Identifying Faces in Video Images is Major Challenge, Report Shows

To advance video facial identification for these and other applications, the National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted a large public test known as the Face in Video Evaluation

Video game ratings work, if you use them

Nearly every video game sold or downloaded comes with a rating that provides age-appropriate guidelines based on the game's content. Critics have questioned the effectiveness of ratings, but new resea...

Southcoast Health to Deploy Video Remote Interpretation for Patients

Stratus Video announced that its mobile video interpretation solution is now being utilized at all of Southcoast Health’s Southeastern Massachusetts hospitals. Stratus Video’s video remote interp...

Video games influence sexist attitudes

The images and roles of female characters in video games send a powerful message that can influence the underlying attitudes of gamers. Researchers found a link between video game exposure and sexism ...

ACC Video Conference Reporter

(MedPage Today) -- Exclusive video coverage from the ACC 2017 Meeting

Video: Endoscopy

This video shows how your doctor can view your esophagus, stomach and part of your duodenum using a fiber-optic endoscope.

Spicer on United Airlines incident: ‘I don’t think anyone looks at that video and isn’t a little disturbed’

On April 11, White House press secretary Sean Spicer discussed the video of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly removed from a flight on Sunday evening. Spicer said, “I don’t think anyone l...

Parents see son for the first time since he unplugged from technology: Part 5

"I didn't really notice that video games were destroying me mentally," Josh said of his video game use.

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Video Vectorization via Tetrahedral Remeshing.

We present a video vectorization method that generates a video in vector representation from an input video in raster representation. A vector-based video representation offers the benefits of vector ...

Efficacy and safety of a video-EEG protocol for genetic generalized epilepsies.

Video-EEG has been used to characterize genetic generalized epilepsies (GGE). For best performance, sleep recording, photic stimulation, hyperventilation, and neuropsychological protocols are added to...

Delay Discounting of Video Game Players: Comparison of Time Duration Among Gamers.

Video game addiction or Internet game disorder, as proposed by the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition), has similar criterion characteristics to other impulse ...

How to implement live video recording in the clinical environment: A practical guide for clinical services.

The use of video in healthcare is becoming more common, particularly in simulation and educational settings. However, video recording live episodes of clinical care is far less routine.

Video-assisted retroperitoneal pancreatic debridement: A video-based guide to the technique.

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