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Platelets Photo inactivated

Squamous cell cancer of the anus and vulva

Anti Infective Antibodies

The emergence of antibiotic resistant microorganisms, lethal viruses and the threat of engineered microorganism have newly stimulated the interest in recombinant antibodies for infectious diseases. Ad...

Streptococcal streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine

Pneumococcal disease is a leading cause of serious illness in children and adults throughout the world. The disease is caused by a common bacterium, Streptococcus pneumoniae, or pneumococcus, a gram-p...


Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina. It can result in discharge, itching and pain, and is often associated with an irritation or infection of the vulva. It is usually due to infection. Vulvov...

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Probing ultrafast photo-induced dynamics of the exchange energy in a Heisenberg antiferromagnet

Femtosecond stimulated Raman experiments on the antiferromagnetic system KNiF3 are implemented to understand how the exchange interaction — a crucial interaction that rules magnetic phenomena ...

Induction of human IL-10-producing neutrophils by LPS-stimulated Treg cells and IL-10

Super-resolution stimulated emission depletion imaging of slit diaphragm proteins in optically cleared kidney tissue

Hepatic expression levels of interferons and interferon-stimulated genes in patients with chronic hepatitis C: A phenotype–genotype correlation study

GARDASIL 9 HPV vaccine approved in the European Union

GARDASIL 9 is approved in the EU for active immunisation against premalignant lesions and cancers affecting the cervix, vulva, vagina or anus... The post GARDASIL 9 HPV vaccine approved in the Europea...

What doctors can learn from a professional photo shoot

Have you ever had a professional photo shoot? I have had many, but not because I particularly enjoy being photographed. Actually, it is quite the contrary. Photo shoots have always been a traumatic ex...

New Route to Hearing Loss Mapped

Deficiency in a protein called pejvakin makes inner ear cells more vulnerable to sound, unable to brace themselves against oxidative stress stimulated by noise. 

Peripheral natural killer cell and allo-stimulated T-cell function in kidney transplant recipients associate with cancer risk and immunosuppression-related complications

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Benign Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of the Vulva.

A variety of mass lesions may affect the vulva. These may be non-neoplastic, or represent benign or malignant neoplasms. A review of benign mass lesions and neoplasms of the vulva is presented.

Acantholytic dermatosis of the vulva.

Acantholytic dermatosis of the vulva is a rare condition, presenting with papular eruption in the genital area without history of Darier disease or Hailey-Hailey disease. We report a case with a papul...

Crohn Disease of the Vulva without Gastrointestinal Manifestations in a 16-Year-Old Girl.

Crohn disease of the vulva is a rare disease that is difficult to diagnose. There are limited reports describing treatment of this condition.

The Normal Vulva, Vulvar Examination, and Evaluation Tools.

The appearance of the female external genitalia is key for understanding and diagnosing many diseases that women of all ages encounter. Alas, the normal appearance of the vulva is an elusive concept, ...

PNA-Rose Bengal Conjugates as Efficient DNA Photo-modulators.

Selective photo-induced modulation of DNA may provide a powerful therapeutic tool allowing spatial and temporal control of the photochemical reaction. We have explored the photo-reactivity of peptide ...

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