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Venous Arterial Thromboembolism

Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel, blocking a vein (venous thrombosis) or artery (arterial thrombosis). Venous Arterial Thromboembolism (VAT) is caused when some or a...

Clot elimination

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Clearwater Periodontist Dr. Todd Britten is using new technology to promote healing in dental procedures in his Clearwater Florida Periodontal Practice

A new technology is helping promote healing in the surgical procedures for Clearwater Florida periodontist Dr. Todd Britten. Leukocyte Rich Platelet Rich Fibrin (L- PRF) is a by-products of a patient&...

How to Choose Your Method for DNA Extraction from Whole Blood

The technique you choose for whole blood DNA extraction impacts not only your results but also the ease of your workflow. It can be difficult to choose which method to use. Almost all of the available...

Is Binge-Watching Hazardous to Your Health?

MONDAY, July 25, 2016 -- Binge-watchers, beware: Too much time in front of the TV could boost your risk of death from a blood clot in the lung, researchers warn. A lung blood clot (pulmonary embolism)...

‘Blood clot’ death woman told ‘have spa’, inquest hears – BBC News

BBC News'Blood clot' death woman told 'have spa', inquest hearsBBC NewsA woman who died from a blood clot five months after taking the combined contraceptive pill, had reported breathing difficulties ...

Medical News Today: What are the Symptoms of a Blood Clot?

Learn all about the signs and symptoms of a blood clot. The article focuses in particular on the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Blood clot deaths tied to hours of daily TV time

(Reuters Health) - People who watch television for five or more hours a day have more than twice the risk of those who watch half as much TV to die of a blood clot in the lung, a large Japanese study ...

Earlier treatment with surgery to remove blood clot linked with less disability following stroke

In an analysis that included nearly 1,300 patients with large-vessel ischemic stroke, earlier treatment with endovascular thrombectomy (intra-arterial use of a micro-catheter or other device to remove...

Teenager dies after love bite from his girlfriend causes a stroke – Metro

MetroTeenager dies after love bite from his girlfriend causes a strokeMetroExperts believe the love bite formed a blood clot, which travelled to the 17-year-old's brain. His girlfriend, who is 24, has...

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Osteonecrosis of the Jaws (ONJ) in Mice after Extraction of Teeth with Periradicular Disease.

Osteonecrosis of the jaws (ONJ) is a complication of antiresorptive medications, such as denosumab or bisphosphonates, prescribed to patients with bone malignancy or osteoporosis. The most common inst...

Influence of Antithrombin on the Regimes of Blood Coagulation: Insights from the Mathematical Model.

Blood coagulation is regulated through a complex network of biochemical reactions of blood factors. The main acting enzyme is thrombin whose propagation in blood plasma leads to fibrin clot formation....

Single-Rooted Extraction Sockets: Classification and Treatment Protocol.

Clinicians have many treatment techniques from which to choose when extracting a failing tooth and replacing it with an implant-supported restoration and when successful management of an extraction so...

Bleeding Rate After Tooth Extraction in Patients Under Oral Anticoagulant Therapy.

The aim of this single-cohort prospective study was to evaluate the risk of adverse outcomes after tooth extraction in patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders and under oral anticoagulant the...

Effect of deep pressure input on parasympathetic system in patients with wisdom tooth surgery.

Deep pressure input is used to normalize physiological arousal due to stress. Wisdom tooth surgery is an invasive dental procedure with high stress levels, and an alleviation strategy is rarely applie...

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