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04:54 EST 9th February 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Biosuperior Antibodies

After biosimilar versions of therapeutic proteins have become reality in Europe and in the US, now it’s the turn of therapeutic antibodies to be in the line of fire. Patents of the first wave of...


The Scandinavian country of Sweden is home to a thriving biotechnology industry, one of the top 5 in Europe. Europe has become a global center for the industry, helped by €2 billion worth of fu...


In addition to the world famous Cambridge University, Cambridge and its surrounding area is a hub of globally reaching biotechnology companies. With more than 247 companies, and the high quality res...


Located in the north-east corner of the USA, Massachusetts, has the third highest GDP of any state in America and is also a hotspot for the biotechnology industry. In addition to the globally renown...

The Top 10 Medical Device Companies

Medical devices are crucial to the process of diagnosis and treatment in modern medicine. Sales in this field reach billions of dollar a year, with Johnson & Johnson making $30 billion alone in ...

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The myth about l-trypophan in turkey

Turkey itself doesn’t make you sleepy after a Thanksgiving meal. What makes you sleepy is eating very large quantities of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie. Turkey does contain tryptophan, but so d...

Turkey Company Roundup: Pricing, OTC Policies Attacked

Roche Turkey has warned the government about the consequences of its pricing policies, and Turkey’s OTC pricing practices have also come in for criticism. Meanwhile, Hacettepe University and Keyman ...

Health Tip: Thawing Your Thanksgiving Turkey

-- Proper thawing of your Thanksgiving turkey can help ensure a healthy meal. If thawed incorrectly, your bird can become a source of food poisoning. The U.S. Department of Agriculture advises: Never...

Turkey Company Roundup: Novartis Tops R&D, Takeda Expanding

Novartis, which has emerged as the top pharmaceutical company by R&D investment in Turkey, is asking for more innovation-supporting policies in the country, while Takeda is expanding and plans to ...

Bird flu found at Indiana turkey farm not same as 2015 virus (Update)

A bird flu virus that's a different strain than the one that ravaged turkey and chicken farms in the Midwest last summer has been found at a southern Indiana turkey farm, federal officials said Friday...

Court Decision Poses Challenge To Turkey’s Vaccine Program

Debate over child immunization in Turkey has taken a sharp turn with a decision by the Constitutional Court in November that declared immunization of children is not permissible without the consent of...

Medical News Today: Turkey: Health Benefits and Facts

For Thanksgiving, 51 million turkeys will be consumed across the country with total spending for the holiday at around $2,375,000,000. So, what are the health benefits of turkey?

Is Your Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffed With Antibiotics?

If you bought your Thanksgiving turkey this year from a grocery store, there’s a good chance it was raised using antibiotics.

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Efficacy of Lytic Bacteriophage Preparation in Reducing Salmonella In Vitro, on Turkey Breast Cutlets, and on Ground Turkey.

The efficacy of the recently approved Salmonella lytic bacteriophage preparation (SalmoFresh) in reducing Salmonella enterica serotype Heidelberg on turkey breast cutlets and ground turkey was evaluat...

Epidemiology of Takayasu's arteritis in Turkey.

To estimate the prevalence and incidence of Takayasu arteritis (TA) among the residents of the city of Izmir, third biggest metropolis of Turkey.

Medicinal plants used by traditional healers in Bozüyük (Bilecik - Turkey).

Turkey is one of the richest countries in terms of plant diversity, owing to its unique geographical location with different climatic and geomorphological structures. For this reason interest in ethno...

Molecular Basis of β-Thalassemia in the Population of the Aegean Region of Turkey: Identification of A Novel Deletion Mutation.

β-Thalassemia (β-thal) is the most common monogenic disorder in Turkey. The aim of this study was to investigate the spectrum of β-thal mutations in the Aegean region of Turkey. The data was derive...

Contribution to the Traditional Uses of Medicinal Plants of Turgutlu (Manisa - Turkey).

The aim of this study is to document and contribute ethnobotanical features of 14 villages of Turgutlu (Manisa - Turkey).

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