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Menstrual Cycle

Checkpoint kinase 1 CHK 1

Progression through the cell cycle is monitored by surveillance mechanisms known as cell cycle checkpoints. Dysfunction in cell cycle checkpoints leads to genomic instability and contributes to tumo...

Kapler Communications - PR-led marketing communications for technology, analytical and life science companies

UK-based communications agencies with extensive experience in the life sciences - services include: Global PR services Content generation Integrated campaigns Media relations ...


Self-management is quite a new idea in healthcare, and it is for patient with long-term conditions to regain some control over their life, and to be able lead a better life,  despite their heal...

Zyme Communications

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Life Cycle Management Strategies More Crucial than Ever for Pharmaceutical Success

With shrinking Research and Development (R&D) pipelines and mounting costs involved in drug development, it is becoming increasingly important for pharmaceutical companies to implement suitable Li...

Life Cycle Management Strategies - Optimizing revenues and defending generic competition

Life Cycle Management Strategies - Optimizing revenues and defending generic competition Summary GBI Research’s latest report, "Life Cycle Management Strategies - Optimizing revenues and defending g...

Stockwatch: The Biotech Upgrade Cycle

One of the positive investment attributes of the technology sector is the upgrade cycle. The continual advancements that result in faster speed, longer battery life and more features translate into co...

Life cycle assessment approach combines environmental with economic factors to determine greenhouse gas reductions for varying forms of bioenergy

(Elsevier) A study published in the journal Biomass & Bioenergy sets out to calculate the true costs and benefits associated with replacing fossil fuels with bioenergy in varying forms for numerous s ...

Yeast study yields insights into cell-division cycle

(University of Michigan) Studies using yeast genetics have provided new, fundamental insights into the cell-division cycle, researchers at the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute report.

Getting the most out of your IP – patent management along its life cycle

We discover that successful patent portfolio management is rooted in managing the patents along their life cycles.

Malaria: Hitting all stages of the parasite life cycle

Trajectories of cell-cycle progression from fixed cell populations

Cycler constructs a trajectory of cell-cycle progression from fixed images of cells enabling the correlation of an individual cell's position in the cell cycle with multiple cellular readouts.

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Temperature-Dependent Development and Reproductive Traits of Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Sarcoptiformes: Acaridae) Reared on Different Edible Mushrooms.

China is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of mushrooms in the world. The storage mite, Tyrophagus putrescentiae Schrank, is one of the most important arthropod pests in mushroom cultivatio...

Population Growth of the Generalist Mite Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Acari: Acaridida) Following Adaptation to High- or Low-Fat and High- or Low-Protein Diets and the Effect of Dietary Switch.

Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schrank, 1781) is a cosmopolitan generalist feeder that prefers foodstuffs of high-fat and high-protein content. Our aim was to investigate the population growth of T. putres...

Laboratory maintenance of the bacterial endosymbiont, Neorickettsia sp., through the life cycle of a digenean, Plagiorchis elegans.

The Digenea (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda) are a diverse and complex group of internal metazoan parasites. These parasites can serve as hosts to obligate intracellular bacteria belonging to the genus Ne...

Life Cycle Analysis on Fossil Energy Ratio of Algal Biodiesel: Effects of Nitrogen Deficiency and Oil Extraction Technology.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) has been widely used to analyze various pathways of biofuel preparation from "cradle to grave." Effects of nitrogen supply for algae cultivation and technology of algal oil...

Pathobiology of pneumocystis pneumonia: life cycle, cell wall, and cell signal transduction.

Pneumocystis is a genus of ascomycetous fungi that are highly morbid pathogens in immunosuppressed humans and other mammals. Pneumocystis cannot easily be propagated in culture which has greatly hinde...

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