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Menstrual Cycle

Checkpoint kinase 1 CHK 1

Progression through the cell cycle is monitored by surveillance mechanisms known as cell cycle checkpoints. Dysfunction in cell cycle checkpoints leads to genomic instability and contributes to tumo...

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Self-management is quite a new idea in healthcare, and it is for patient with long-term conditions to regain some control over their life, and to be able lead a better life,  despite their heal...

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Cell Cycle Analysis by Flow Cytometry: Flowing your Way through Life’s Cycle

Over the past few decades the mammalian cell cycle has been well documented. Although there are lots of checkpoints as cells move through the cycle, we can very simply divide the cell cycle into three...

#jobs #lifescience Bristol-Myers Squibb (NA): Director, HQ Medical, Immuno-Oncology, Life Cycle Management

// Competitive Salary: Bristol-Myers Squibb (NA): BMS seeks a Medical Director for Immuno-Oncology (I-O) with a focus on LCM (Life Cycle Management). Princeton, New Jersey from Job Search RSS http://i...

Care and Cure: Engineering the future of diabetes treatment

Cambridge, MASS (Reuters) - For diabetics, life is a constant struggle to maintain balance - keeping track of your carbohydrate intake, constantly monitoring blood-sugar levels, and injecting insulin....

Getting the most out of your IP – patent management along its life cycle

We discover that successful patent portfolio management is rooted in managing the patents along their life cycles.

Corrigendum: Malaria: Thermoregulation in a parasite’s life cycle

Menstrual cycle: What's normal, what's not

How well do you know your menstrual cycle? Follow these tips to track your menstrual cycle and identify problems.

The life cycle of the 26S proteasome: from birth, through regulation and function, and onto its death

Using Naloxone (Narcan) As A Last Resort

Classified as an antidote, naloxone gives individuals who overdose on opioids a second chance at life, but without access to proper treatment, these users will continue living in the cycle of addictio...

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Variations in the Life Cycle of Anemone patens L. (Ranunculaceae) in Wild Populations of Canada.

Based on a study of a perennial herb Anemone patens L. (Ranunculaceae) in a variety of natural habitats in Saskatchewan, Canada, eight life stages (seed, seedling, juvenile, immature, vegetative, gene...

Using Organotypic Epithelial Tissue Culture to Study the Human Papillomavirus Life Cycle.

Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) are small double-stranded DNA viruses that are associated with greater than 95% of cervical cancers and 20% of head and neck cancers. These cancers arise from persistent ...

Developing food-grade coatings for dry-cured hams to protect against ham mite infestation.

Dry-cured hams may become infested with ham mites, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, during the aging process. Methyl bromide is the only known available fumigant pesticide that is effective at controlling ha...

Transcriptome Changes during the Life Cycle of the Red Sponge, Mycale phyllophila (Porifera, Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida).

Sponges are an ancient metazoan group with broad ecological, evolutionary, and biotechnological importance. As in other marine invertebrates with a biphasic life cycle, the developing sponge undergoes...

Flow Synthesis of Silver Nanowires for Semitransparent Solar Cell Electrodes: A Life Cycle Perspective.

Silver nanowires (AgNWs) were prepared on a 5 g scale using either the well-known batch synthesis following the polyol method or a new flow synthesis method. The AgNWs were employed as semitranspare...

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