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p53 Gene Therapy rDNA Shenzhen

p53 Gene Therapy rDNA Introgen

Prothrombin 20210 Gene Mutation

Oncogenic BRAF in cancer

Oncogenic BRAF can result from mutations in the BRAF gene, which may cause the protein to become overactive. The most common alteration in the BRAF gene leads to the BRAFV600E mutation. Mutations in...

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Gene knockout: Loss of a gene can be compensated by another gene

(Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) Effects of genome interventions depend on the methods used.

Loss of a gene can be compensated by another gene

New methods for modifying the genome are currently widely discussed: Using CRISPR/Cas for instance, scientists can remove parts of the genetic code of a gene, thereby knocking it out. Furthermore, the...

Figure: Crowding the gene pool

Rules of competition Crowding the gene pool There are 33 gene therapy products being developed in Orphan indications where there is more than one competitor developing a therapy encoding the same gene...

Express yourself: Gene Co-Expression in Bicistronic Constructs

Let’s say you work with a gene, and it has wonderful potential. Excitedly, you throw your gene into the cells and voila! It’s there. Great. Now what? Genes are powerful tools for directing cell [&...

Photosynthesis Gene Could Help Plants Stay Healthy in Stressful Conditions

Researchers at Oxford University have identified a gene that helps plants remain healthy during stressful periods. The gene, SP1, controls the development of chloroplasts and governs the passage of pr...

All About that Base (Pair): The Significance of your Genotypes

July 16, 2015 Published by 23andMe under 23andMe how to By Clare Raczkowski I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you don’t have a gene for being tall, or a gene for caffeine addiction or a gene for...

Gene editing: Bring it on

“ There has been a lot of excitement lately over the new gene-editing technology, CRISPR. How does it work? Gene editing is snipping out a targeted DNA sequence and replacing it with another. It use...

Scientists discover a possible ‘obesity gene’

Scientists at the University of British Columbia have discovered a gene that could be an important cause of obesity. The gene, which encodes a protein called 14-3-3zeta, is found in […]

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Jackknife-based gene-gene interactiontests for untyped SNPs.

Testing gene-gene interaction in genome-wide association studies generally yields lower power than testing marginal association. Meta-analysis that combines different genotyping platforms is one metho...

Molecular Basis of Gene-Gene Interaction: Cyclic Cross-Regulation of Gene Expression and Post-GWAS Gene-Gene Interaction Involved in Atrial Fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia at the clinic. Recent GWAS identified several variants associated with AF, but they account for

Association between gene polymorphisms of Perforin 1 and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.

To investigate frequency distribution of gene polymorphisms of PRF1 gene in children with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), and to explore whether the possible gene polymorphisms of PRF1 gene ...

Effects of G-gene Deletion and Replacement on Rabies Virus Vector Gene Expression.

The glycoprotein-gene (G gene) -deleted rabies virus (RV) vector is a powerful tool to examine the function and structure of neural circuits. We previously reported that the deletion of the G gene enh...

MAGMA: Generalized Gene-Set Analysis of GWAS Data.

By aggregating data for complex traits in a biologically meaningful way, gene and gene-set analysis constitute a valuable addition to single-marker analysis. However, although various methods for gene...

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