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16:15 EST 8th February 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT)

Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) is episodes of rapid heart rate that start in a part of the heart above the ventricles. "Paroxysmal" means from time to time. The heart wil...


The Scandinavian country of Sweden is home to a thriving biotechnology industry, one of the top 5 in Europe. Europe has become a global center for the industry, helped by €2 billion worth of fu...

Pubic lice

Pubic lice are small, six-legged creatures that infect the pubic hair area and lay eggs. These lice can also be found in armpit hair and eyebrows. Causes, incidence, and risk factors Pubic lice ...

Clinical Trials Phase News

Clinical trials involving new drugs are commonly classified into four phases. Each phase of the drug approval process is treated as a separate clinical trial. The drug-development process will norma...


Germany is one the top 5 countries in Europe for the biotechnology industry. The €2 billion Innovative Medicines stimulus from the EU has helped, but that is spread over the continent. Over a d...

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Start-Up Previews, September 2015

This Month's Profile Group, Parkinson’s Disease: Start-Ups Seek Breakthroughs And Money, features profiles of MentiNova, Parkure and Prexton Therapeutics. Plus these Start-Ups Across Health Care: A...

Target opens start-up accelerator applications

Dan BerthiaumeTarget is looking for start-ups to apply for its recently established accelerator, for which it partnered with start-up accelerator Techstars.  read more

Start-Up Previews, November 2015

In this month's issue of Start-Up, we profile Botanisol, DynoSense, Moleculera Labs, SPR Therapeutics and TytoCare.

Teens using e-cigarettes may be more likely to start smoking tobacco

(NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse) Students who have used electronic cigarettes by the time they start ninth grade are more likely than others to start smoking traditional cigarettes and other com...

Start-Up Previews, October 2015

In this month's issue of Start-Up, we profile Bigfoot Biomedical, Noninvasix, Orthonika, RxMP Therapeutics and twoXAR.

Start-Up Quarterly Statistics, Q3 2015

Start-ups raised $2.57 billion in Q3. Biopharma companies penned 23 alliances; 11 acquisitions were signed, none in the diagnostics industry.

Merck announces application period for start-ups

At least three selected start-ups will receive strategic and operational advice, as well as financial support of €25,000 in the form of a silent participation

Top 25 Start-Up VC Financings, H1 2015

Venture money has been flowing fast into biotech start-ups, shattering some fundraising records in the first half of this year. We present the top 25 VC deals of H1.

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The importance of start codon of nosM in nosiheptide production.

The present study was designed to investigate the effects of start codon of nosM on the biosynthesis of nosiheptide. Target genes were amplified by overlap PCR. After homologous recombination to const...

Changes in Parents' Spanking and Reading as Mechanisms for Head Start Impacts on Children.

This study examined whether Head Start, the nation's main two-generation program for low-income families, benefits children in part through positive changes in parents' use of spanking and reading to ...

Relationship between vertical jump height and swimming start performance before and after an altitude training camp.

This study aimed (1) to analyze the development in squat jump height and swimming start performance following an altitude training camp, (2) to correlate jump height and swimming start performance bef...

A new family of StART domain proteins at membrane contact sites has a role in ER-PM sterol transport.

Sterol traffic between the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and plasma membrane (PM) is a fundamental cellular process that occurs by a poorly understood non-vesicular mechanism. We identified a novel, evol...

The Impact of Head Start Enrollment Duration on Migrant Children's Health Outcomes.

The purpose of this study is to examine whether family characteristics and the length of children's enrollment in Migrant Head Start affects children's health treatment. Children in the Michigan Migra...

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