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Xeroderma, literally meaning "dry skin", is a condition involving the integumentary system, which in most cases can safely be treated with emollients and/or moisturizers. Xeroderma occurs ...

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First-of-its-kind procedure combines scalp, skull, kidney and pancreas transplant

Simultaneous transplantation of a 'composite' skull and scalp flap plus a kidney and pancreas -- all from the same donor--provided excellent outcomes for a patient with a non-healing scalp defect and ...

Facial and Scalp Swelling in Children With Hemophilia

Two pediatric patients present with swelling of the cheek and scalp. Find out how these cases were diagnosed and learn what the treatment was. ePlasty, Open Access Journal of Plastic Surgery

A 78-Year-Old Tennis Player With a Growth on His Scalp

A 78-year-old man with Fitzpatrick skin type I presents with a growth on his scalp. What's your diagnosis? Medscape Dermatology

Giant Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Scalp

A patient presents with a fungating giant basal cell carcinoma of the scalp. How was this tumor excised and reconstructed? ePlasty, Open Access Journal of Plastic Surgery

Scalp Cooling Safe, Long-term European Data Show

Scalp cooling, which reduces hair loss during chemotherapy, has not been embraced in the United States, although 40 years of European data show that it is safe. Medscape Medical News

All hairstyles are not created equal: Scalp-pulling and hair loss

In a review of 19 studies, researchers say they can confirm a 'strong association' between certain scalp-pulling hairstyles -- many common among African-Americans -- and the development of traction al...

Persistent Rash in a Patient Receiving Total Parenteral Nutrition

A 50-year old man receiving total parenteral nutrition presented with a desquamating rash on his face, scalp, inguinal region, and perineum as well as diffuse alopecia of the face, scalp, axillae, and...

GW Pharmaceuticals (GWP) - Next up, LGS

Edison Investment Research - Pharmaceutical & Healthcare - GW Pharmaceuticals: Data from two Phase III trials (with 171 and 225 patients, respectively) of Epidiolex in Lennox-Gastaut (LGS) patients ar...

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Uterine salvage management for atonic postpartum hemorrhage using "modified lynch suture".

To assess the effectiveness of the new modified technique in order to control bleeding in women presenting with atonic, flabby uterus compared to the most commonly described technique of classic B-Lyn...

Diagnostic accuracy of fetal scalp lactate for intrapartum acidosis compared with scalp pH.

To determine the diagnostic accuracy of fetal scalp lactate sampling (FSLS) and to establish an optimal cut-off value for intrapartum acidosis compared with fetal scalp pH.

Total Face, Eyelids, Ears, Scalp, and Skeletal Subunit Transplant: A Reconstructive Solution for the Full Face and Total Scalp Burn.

Reconstruction of extensive facial and scalp burns can be increasingly challenging, especially in patients that have undergone multiple procedures with less than ideal outcomes resulting in restrictin...

Molecular and Cellular Profiling of Scalp Psoriasis Reveals Differences and Similarities Compared to Skin Psoriasis.

Scalp psoriasis shows a variable clinical spectrum and in many cases poses a great therapeutic challenge. However, it remains unknown whether the immune response of scalp psoriasis differs from unders...

Sparse asynchronous cortical generators can produce measurable scalp EEG signals.

We investigate to what degree the synchronous activation of a smooth patch of cortex is necessary for observing EEG scalp activity. We perform extensive simulations to compare the activity generated o...

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