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23:48 EDT 21st April 2015 | BioPortfolio

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DERA is the human deoxyribose phosphate aldolase and is involved in stress response.

Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase (EC, which converts 2-deoxy-D-ribose-5-phosphate into glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate and acetaldehyde, belongs to the core metabolism of living organisms. It was pr...

Arsenite-Induced Pseudo-Hypoxia Results in Loss of Anchorage-Dependent Growth in BEAS-2B Pulmonary Epithelial Cells.

Epidemiology studies have established a strong link between lung cancer and arsenic exposure. Currently, the role of disturbed cellular energy metabolism in carcinogenesis is a focus of scientific int...

Enriched inorganic compounds in diesel exhaust particles induce mitogen-activated protein kinase activation, cytoskeleton instability, and cytotoxicity in human bronchial epithelial cells.

This study assessed the effects of the diesel exhaust particles on ERK and JNK MAPKs activation, cell rheology (viscoelasticity), and cytotoxicity in bronchial epithelial airway cells (BEAS-2B). Crude...

Effect of Non-Endocytic Uptake of Nanoparticles on Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells.

The toxicity of artificial nanoparticles is a major concern in industrial applications. Cellular uptake of hard nanoparticles could follow either endocytic or non-endocytic pathways, leading to differ...

Quantitative Proteomic Approach to Understand Metabolic Adaptation in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

KRAS mutations in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) are a predictor of resistance to EGFR-targeted therapies. Since approaches to target RAS signaling have been unsuccessful, targeting lung cancer me...

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