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08:30 EDT 2nd October 2014 | BioPortfolio

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Metal particles in solids aren't as fixed as they seem, memristor study shows

In work that unmasks some of the magic behind memristors and "resistive random access memory," or RRAM—cutting-edge computer components that combine logic and memory functions—researchers have sho...

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Memristor bridge synapse-based neural network and its learning.

Analog hardware architecture of a memristor bridge synapse-based multilayer neural network and its learning scheme is proposed. The use of memristor bridge synapse in the proposed architecture solves ...

Neuronal Synapse as a Memristor: Modeling Pair- and Triplet-Based STDP Rule.

We propose a new memristive model for the neuronal synapse based on the spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) protocol, considering both long-term and short-term plasticity in the synapse. Higher-o...

Fetus sound stimulation: cilia memristor effect of signal transduction.

Background. This experimental study evaluates fetal middle cerebral artery (MCA) circulation after the defined prenatal acoustical stimulation (PAS) and the role of cilia in hearing and memory and cou...

Tuning Resistive Switching Characteristics of Tantalum-Oxide Memristors through Si Doping.

An oxide memristor device changes its internal state according to the history of the applied voltage and current. The principle of resistive switching (RS) is based on ion transport (e.g., oxygen vaca...

Realization of the Meminductor.

The meminductor was proposed to be a fundamental circuit memdevice parallel with the memristor, linking magnetic flux and current. However, a clear material model or experimental realization of a memi...

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