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09:21 EDT 22nd September 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Medical News Today: Cutaneous horn: Pictures, causes, and treatment

A cutaneous horn is a type of growth that appears on the skin. It may be a sign of a more serious condition. Learn how to recognize this skin growth.

Preventing skin cancer – Vernon Morning Star

Vernon Morning StarPreventing skin cancerVernon Morning StarDr. Harvey Lui, who works with both the B.C. Cancer Agency and UBC Vancouver medical school, says adults afflicted with skin cancer were fir...

Preventing skin cancer – Pentiction Western News

Pentiction Western NewsPreventing skin cancerPentiction Western NewsDr. Harvey Lui, who works with both the B.C. Cancer Agency and UBC Vancouver medical school, says adults afflicted with skin cancer ...

Nipple temperature may help guide newborns to breastfeed

(Wiley) Newborn babies instinctively have the ability to crawl to the breast when placed skin-to-skin on the mother's abdomen.

Medical News Today: What does a yellow bruise on the breast mean?

A bruise on the breast may not be cause for concern, but what causes them and when should a doctor be consulted? What other skin changes can occur?

Examining breast milk bacterial communities, infant gut biome

Does bacteria in maternal breast milk and on areolar skin around the nipple transfer to the guts of infants? A new article published by JAMA Pediatrics examined the association and the results suggest...

Duodenal Ulcer Pipeline Insight, 2017 [Report Updated: 10072017] Prices from USD $1250

DelveInsight's, Duodenal Ulcer Pipeline Insights, 2017, report provides comprehensive insights about pipeline drugs across this Duodenal Ulcer. The key objective of the report is to establish the und...

Breast cancer patients can use antiperspirants during radiotherapy

(University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine) Women undergoing daily radiation therapy for breast cancer are commonly told they should not use antiperspirant for fear that it could cause greater rad...

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Healthy Skin Wins: A Glowing Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program That Can Guide Evidence-Based Practice.

In 2013, an observational survey was conducted among 242 in-patients in a community hospital with a pressure ulcer (PU) prevalence of 34.3%. An evidence-based pressure ulcer prevention program (PUPP) ...

Dry skin and pressure ulcer risk: A multi-center cross-sectional prevalence study in German hospitals and nursing homes.

Pressure ulcers are a serious health problem in medical and nursing care. Therefore, effective prevention is crucial. Major pressure ulcer risk factors have been identified but the particular role of ...

Effectiveness of rifampicin-streptomycin for treatment of Buruli ulcer: a systematic review.

Buruli ulcer (BU) disease is a chronic ulcerative skin disease caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans, which can lead to extensive destruction of the skin, soft tissues and occasionally of bones. Although s...

Breast oedema following free flap breast reconstruction.

Breast oedema causes significant morbidity and is historically difficult to quantify. The aim of this study was to identify changes in breast tissue water content from pre-operative levels in the nati...

Bacterial diversity in Buruli ulcer skin lesions: Challenges in the clinical microbiome analysis of a skin disease.

Buruli ulcer (BU) is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans and considered the third most prevalent mycobacterial disease in humans. Secondary bacterial infections in open BU lesions a...

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