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Atrial premature beats

Ventricular Premature Beats VPB

Premature Ovarian Failure

Vitamin E Deficiency

Frank vitamin E deficiency is rare and overt deficiency symptoms have not been found in healthy people who obtain little vitamin E from their diets. Premature babies of very low birth weight (<1,...

Prior birth injury

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Depression of either parent during pregnancy linked to premature birth

(Wiley) Depression in both expectant mothers and fathers increases the risk of premature birth, finds a study published in BJOG: an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Kansas State University, Texas Tech University to Conduct Beef Cattle Production Medicine Research

The group will focus on two areas of cattle feeding: starting cattle on feed and the end of the feeding period

[Comment] Tocolysis and preterm labour

With 15 million premature babies born worldwide every year, premature birth is the biggest problem in obstetrics.1 It is not only the most common reason that newborn babies die,1 but is also an import...

Medical News Today: Air pollution tied to premature birth

Pregnant women who are exposed to high levels of fine particle air pollution - especially in the third trimester - are more likely to give birth prematurely, new study finds.

Health, wealth and social differences for adults born premature, low-birth-weight

Fewer adults who were born prematurely at low-birth weights were employed or had children and they were more likely to have lower incomes, be single and report more chronic health conditions than thei...

Noise disrupts the tactile skills of premature babies

Premature birth is a harsh change of environment for a baby. Until birth, the baby is confined to the mother's womb, surrounded by soft lighting and filtered noise. When infants are born, they are att...

Tackling cattle fever ticks with vaccines

The economic impact of cattle fever ticks, including the southern cattle fever tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, was so severe in the late 1800s that the U.S. Department of Agriculture starte...

Pot while pregnant may raise premature birth risk: study

(HealthDay)—Smoking pot while pregnant may increase the risk of premature delivery, a new study suggests.

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Influence of premature birth on the health conditions, receipt of special education and sport participation of children aged 6-17 years in the USA.

To investigate the influence of premature birth on conditions among children aged 6-17 years.

Hydrocortisone for Treatment of Hypotension in the Newborn.

Newborns, and especially premature newborns, are at significant risk for developing hypotension in the first week or two after birth. The etiology of hypotension in the newborn may vary, but the very ...

Changes in Survival Rate for Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infants in Korea: Comparison with Other Countries.

Recently the Korean Neonatal Network (KNN) was established in order to enhance treatment outcomes further through the registration of very-low-birth-weight infants (VLBWI) data. The present study was ...

Electroencephalography during general anaesthesia differs between term-born and premature-born children.

Premature birth is associated with a wide range of complications in later life, including structural and functional neurological abnormalities and altered pain sensitivity. We investigated whether dur...

Quantification of EUGR as a Measure of the Quality of Nutritional Care of Premature Infants.

To develop an index of the quality of nutritional care of premature infants based on the change in weight Z score from birth to discharge and to illustrate the use of this index in comparing the perfo...

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