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Orthopedic Hand Surgeon, Ryan Klinefelter, M.D. to Join OrthoNeuro in February

Columbus, OH, January 13, 2015 --( OrthoNeuro announced today that Dr. Ryan Klinefelter will join their multi-specialty physician group practice February 3rd, 2015. Dr. Klinefelter is a fel...

Should Celebrities Speak Out About Illness?

What is the fallout from celebrities championing causes in health and illness? Dr Jeffrey A. Lieberman discusses negatives and positives. Medscape Psychiatry

Gilberts Syndrome

Gilbert’s syndrome is a common, harmless condition that can run in families. People with this syndrome sometimes get jaundice when they are under stress, take certain medicines, or have an infection...

Celebrating the Biomedical Achievements on World Down Syndrome Day

Guest Post by Sara Hart Weir, MS, President, National Down Syndrome Society On March 21, we celebrate the 10th Annual World Down Syndrome Day.  It was established and eventually recognized by the U...

New Tool for Down Syndrome Research

Researchers, clinicians, and other professionals with an interest in Down syndrome can now access deidentified data from DS-Connect: The Down Syndrome Registry, where people in the Down syndrome commu...

High prevalence of ophthalmic disorders in Down's syndrome

Jensen and Bulova’s otherwise excellent review of the care of adults with Down’s syndrome did not mention the ocular manifestations of Down’s syndrome, which are common and can seriously reduce....

Medical News Today: Down syndrome: what is the current focus of research?

In our follow-up to yesterday's Down Syndrome Awareness Month spotlight feature, we talk to some of the leading experts in Down syndrome research.

Down Syndrome: What Is the Current Focus of Research?

(Medical News Today) – Yesterday, as part of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we looked at some of the controversial issues and popular perceptions surrounding pregnancy and Down syndrome. Now, in...

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Short QTc Interval in Males with Klinefelter Syndrome-Influence of CAG Repeat Length, Body Composition, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Klinefelter syndrome (KS) is a sex chromosomal aneuploidy (47,XXY) affecting 1/660 males. Based on findings in Turner syndrome, we hypothesized that electrocardiogram (ECG) abnormalities would be pres...

Clinical and paraclinical features of Klinefelter syndrome consulting for male infertility.

To attract urologists' attention on screening of Klinefelter syndrome consulting for infertility, describing its usual phenotype, in order to propose a possible reproductive technique, to prevent and ...

Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in Klinefelter syndrome and hypothalamic-pituitary tumor.

Klinefelter Syndrome is the most frequent cause of hypergonadotropic hypogonadism in men. A flat response at luteinizing hormone releasing hormone stimulation test could be the first sign of hypothala...

Expression patterns of DLK1 and INSL3 identify stages of Leydig cell differentiation during normal development and in testicular pathologies, including testicular cancer and Klinefelter syndrome.

What is the differentiation stage of human testicular interstitial cells, in particular Leydig cells (LC), within micronodules found in patients with infertility, testicular cancer and Klinefelter syn...

Global transcriptome analysis of peripheral blood identifies the most significantly down-regulated genes associated with metabolism regulation in Klinefelter syndrome.

The molecular pathogenesis of Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) is not fully understood. The aim of this study was to determine differences in gene expression patterns between KS patients and control individu...

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