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08:09 EDT 24th March 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Case Challenge: How Would You Treat This Hand Deformity?

A 24-year-old man arrives at the trauma unit after a motorcycle accident, with obvious deformity of his right hand. How would you proceed? Medscape Plastic Surgery

Compost bedding good for cow claw health

(University of Veterinary Medicine -- Vienna) Dairy cows kept in barns often develop claw damage because of humid and unsuitable roaming areas. A study conducted by Vetmeduni Vienna now shows that the...

New hope for recovery of hand movement for stroke patients

(Newcastle University) Stroke patients are starting a trial of a new electronic device to recover movement and control of their hand.

Experts meet at Hyderabad for four-day World Stroke Congress

Stroke is devastating. Everyone can have a stroke. For many people, the stroke happens suddenly and without warning. According to Stroke Association, when it happens, there is a little time to prepar...

Medical News Today: Life after stroke: Tips for recovering communication skills

Speech and communication problems are common after a stroke. Get some first-hand tips for helping a friend or family member back to recovery.

Your left hand knows what your right hand is doing

The saying goes that "your left hand doesn't know what your right hand is doing," but actually, your left hand is paying more attention than you'd think. Researchers at Tel-Aviv University found that ...

New wearable electronic device could revolutionise treatment for stroke patients

Stroke patients are starting a trial of a new electronic device to recover movement and control of their hand.

Predicting Long-term Functional Outcomes in Ischemic Stroke

How does longitudinal National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale measurement compare to other early markers of stroke severity in predicting 90-day stroke outcome? Stroke

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Assessment of the Ipsilesional Hand Function in Stroke Survivors: The Effect of Lesion Side.

The aim of this study was to examine the effect of the side of brain lesion on the ipsilesional hand function of stroke survivors.

An alternative treatment for contractures of the elderly institutionalized persons: Microinvasive percutaneous needle tenotomy of the finger flexors.

Almost 10% of older adults in nursing homes have a fixed flexion deformity of the fingers (claw hand). Such contractures have important functional consequences, often leading to hygiene difficulties. ...

Design and Test of a Closed-Loop FES System for Supporting Function of the Hemiparetic Hand Based on Automatic Detection using the Microsoft Kinect sensor.

This paper describes the design of a FES system automatically controlled in a closed loop using a Microsoft Kinect sensor, for assisting both cylindrical grasping and hand opening. The feasibility of ...

The effect of self-management education following mild stroke: an exploratory randomized controlled trial.

Mild stroke comprises 53% of stroke hospital admissions; however, the majority of those with mild stroke patients receive little support to address chronic symptoms following stroke.

Specific Characteristics of Injuries Inflicted by Claw Hammer.

Claw hammers have the specific characteristic of having two distinct ends: one a flat head of variable form, the other bifurcated. So the use of this tool as a blunt instrument will cause varying inju...

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