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05:59 EDT 27th August 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Electrical stimulation

Vagus nerve stimulation


Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) is a sensitive and accurate technique that allows the detection of chromosome aberrations. In this method, a single-stranded fluorescent-labeled nucleic acid...

Spirometry Test

The gold standard in lung testing In the same way that blood pressure measurements provide a simple yet effective screening method for cardiovascular disease, spirometry tests can help to unmask t...

Tissue Growth Factors BMP 2

The classical tissue factors typically are proteins used for tissue repair and growth stimulation. Among the approved products are the growth factors PDGF, IGF, EGF, BMP and FGF. One of the commercial...

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Patient-specific approach may improve deep brain stimulation used to treat Parkinson's

Researchers have developed a method to measure how the brain responds to electrical stimulation and use the response to maximize efficacy of deep brain stimulation (DBS) - a therapy that has been succ...

Brain-stimulation method provides significant reductions in phantom limb pain

As many as 25,000 people a year worldwide lose limbs from land mine blasts, and a new study, published in The Journal of Pain, shows that transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) administered to the s...

PARKINSON: La stimulation cérébrale profonde réduit les symptômes moteurs de 70% - CHU Réseau

Ce sont les retours de pratique au CHU de Saint-Etienne de la stimulation cérébrale profonde dans le traitement de la maladie d'Alzheimer. La stimulation cérébrale profonde...

Do-it-yourself brain stimulation has hidden risks

(Reuters Health) - Healthy people looking to enhance brain function with do-it-yourself electrical brain stimulation may encounter unexpected results, have difficulty predicting how they will react to...

Deep Brain Stimulation Tested for Early Alzheimer's

THURSDAY, July 28, 2016 -- Deep brain stimulation appears safe for people with early Alzheimer's disease -- and might even slow down memory loss in some, a preliminary study suggests. Deep brain stimu...

Mayo Clinic’s inner ear stimulation for motion sickness could transform Virtual Reality

The intention is to provide a sense of rotation when someone is sitting still through Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation.

Showing a woman sun-damaged pictures of her face promotes healthy behaviors

We live in an age where young skin is revered, tan is in and sun safe behavior is at an all-time low. Researchers from the University of Surrey have conducted a study on which method promotes young wo...

Medical News Today: Is It Strep Throat? Pictures and Symptoms

How can you tell the difference between strep throat and other conditions that affect the throat? The symptoms and pictures in this article could help.

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Country-based reference values and international comparisons of clitoral size in healthy Nigerian newborn infants.

Clitoral size references are useful for diagnosing genital abnormalities. Despite the fact that examining the genitalia is an important aspect of newborn evaluation, few studies have been carried out ...

Effects of Unilateral Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of Left Prefrontal Cortex on Processing and Memory of Emotional Visual Stimuli.

The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) is generally thought to be involved in affect and emotional processing; however, the specific contribution of each hemisphere continues to be debated. In the...

Study of clitoral hood anatomy in the pediatric population.

Pediatric female genitalia size and morphology have not previously been well described. The aims of this study were to create a standard reference for the anterior vulval structures, and examine the r...

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Combined With Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Further evidence suggests that repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is an effective method to reduce tobacco craving among smokers.

Early understanding of the socially mediated representational function of pictures.

The present two studies investigated whether toddlers' ability to use pictures in problem solving could be facilitated by making available the social context in which pictures were created. To make th...

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