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19:33 EDT 29th August 2015 | BioPortfolio

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There are many different types of Uveitis. This is because: * The Uvea is made up of different parts. So if the iris is affected, the condition and its treatment could be totally different to when...

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The Next Frontier for Protein Crystallization

When working to solve a puzzle, it is often beneficial to study the picture on the box before dumping the pieces onto the table to assemble the puzzle. The same approach, looking at the picture first,...

A Fuller Picture of Cancer

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Picture perfect: Researchers use photos to understand how diabetes affects kids

(University of Florida) If a picture is worth a thousand words, UF Health Type 1 diabetes researchers and their colleagues have tapped into an encyclopedia, revealing new insights into how young peopl...

Medical News Today: Online dating: how does your profile picture affect perceptions of trust?

Enhancing a profile picture on an online dating site may boost attractiveness, but it also influences how trustworthy a person is perceived to be, according to new research.

Apple Diversity: Overall the Picture’s the Same

Apple CEO Tim Cook reported that in the past year the company has made a concerted effort to increase gender and ethnic diversity among its employees, both abroad and in the U.S.Read more about Apple ...

ProPublica's Surgeon Score Card: Clickbait? Or Serious Data?

In 2006 a group of researchers designed an experiment that tested your honesty. Above the coffee donation jar in the break area researchers alternated putting a picture of "eyes" or a picture of "flo...

The Laser Enhanced O-Shot Now Available in Denver, Colorado at Aguirre Specialty Care

DENVER, CO (PRWEB) May 12, 2015 Aguirre Specialty Care is proud to offer the O-Shot to patients who suffer from lowered vaginal sensation due to age or childbirth. The O-Shot (also known as The ...

Toward a more realistic picture of how molecules move within cells

(American Chemical Society) A candid photo can reveal much more about the mood of a party than a stiff, posed picture. The same might be true for molecules, according to researchers. In a report appea...

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Coital urinary incontinence induced by impairment of the dorsal nerve of the clitoris in rats.

To determine the effect of chronic bilateral neurectomy of the dorsal nerve of the clitoris (DN) on urinary parameters and sexual behavior of conscious female rats.

Emotion regulation of the affect-modulated startle reflex during different picture categories.

Previous studies on emotion regulation of the startle reflex found an increase in startle amplitude from down-, to non-, to up-regulation for pleasant and unpleasant stimuli. We wanted to clarify whet...

Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on naming and cortical excitability in stroke patients with aphasia.

This study aimed to investigate the effects of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (A-tDCS) over the left posterior perisylvian region (PPR) on picture naming and cortical excitability meas...

Hepatitis C virus screening to reveal a better picture of infection.

Antiviral therapy for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection will be the next revolution in clinical virology. Sensible planning for treatment is needed, starting with population-screening policies ideally...

Usability of a smartphone food picture app for assisting 24-hour dietary recall: a pilot study.

The Recaller app was developed to help individuals record their food intakes. This pilot study evaluated the usability of this new food picture application (app), which operates on a smartphone with a...

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