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There are many different types of Uveitis. This is because: * The Uvea is made up of different parts. So if the iris is affected, the condition and its treatment could be totally different to when...

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The Bigger Picture Campaign Brings Attention to Type 2 Diabetes Bringing a Giant Diabetes Soda Can to Thurgood Marshall High School During Lunch Hour

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --  WHAT: The Bigger Picture will raise awareness of Type 2 Diabetes at Thurgood Marshall High School in San Francisco using a giant coke can...

Dyes Used to Paint New Picture of Disease

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RCN questions 'positive picture' painted by NHS Scotland annual report

The positive picture painted by NHS leaders in Scotland is hard to “reconcile” with the experiences of nursing staff under pressure at the frontline, according to the Royal College of Nursing.

Scientists Capture Picture of microRNA in Action

Biologists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have described the atomic-level workings of “microRNA” molecules, which control the expression of genes in all animals and plants.The findings a...

Picture emerges of how kids get head injuries

A study in which more than 43,000 children were evaluated for head trauma offers an unprecedented picture of how children most frequently suffer head injuries, report physicians at Washington Universi...

Medicine has lost sight of the big picture

We must bear in mind the difference between thoroughness and efficiency. Thoroughness gathers all the facts, but efficiency distinguishes the two-cent pieces of non-essential data from the twenty-doll...

Spatial movie production brings full 3-D to picture and sound

The camera revolves around the main character, who seems to be frozen in the middle of a jump—time seems to stand still for a moment and the camera shows the jumping figure from all sides. What two-...

A bird's-eye view of the protein universe

(American Friends of Tel Aviv University) How exactly did proteins first come to be? Do they all share a single common ancestor, or did proteins evolve from many different origins? Forming a global pi...

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Lesions of the Clitoris: A Review.

The clitoris may become involved by vulvar lesions. There are also lesions arising from the clitoris. A familiarity with these lesions is necessary for the high index of suspicion needed for their dia...

Rare Malignant Tumors of Clitoris-a Case Report.

Tumors of the clitoris are very rare. Isolated case reports are available in literature. This case report highlights the importance of this disease, due to its high malignant potential and treatment o...

Getting the Picture: Iconicity Does Not Affect Representation-Referent Confusion.

Three experiments examined 3- to 5-year-olds' (N = 428) understanding of the relationship between pictorial iconicity (photograph, colored drawing, schematic drawing) and the real world referent. ...

The effects of emotional stimuli on visuo-spatial vigilance.

In the present study we explored the impact of task-irrelevant emotive picture stimuli on visuo-spatial vigilance. Ninety-five participants completed the experiment in which task-irrelevant emotive pi...

Dynamical Picture for the Formation and Decay of the Exotic XYZ Mesons.

We present a new dynamical picture that identifies the formation of the exotic c[over ¯]c-containing states XYZ with the confinement-induced hadronization of a rapidly separating pair of a compact di...

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