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03:07 EDT 25th June 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Rivaroxaban is the most broadly indicated novel oral anticoagulant and is marketed under the brand name Xarelto®. To date, Xarelto has been approved for use in the following indications across t...

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Cardiac Events in Patients with Gout Treated with Colchicine

Cardiovascular risks were lower with colchicine use, in an observational study from a single medical center.

BMJ Investigation Casts Doubt on Validity of Rivaroxaban Trial

New questions have been raised about the validity and reliability of data in the ROCKET-AF trial, which serves as the backbone for the approval of rivaroxaban (Xarelto), according to an investigation ...

Gout: Colchicine Linked to Reduced CV Risk

Colchicine use was associated with a 49% lower risk for cardiovascular events and a 73% reduction in all-cause mortality in patients with gout. Medscape Medical News

Rivaroxaban in the Real World

A large Phase IV registry study shows that rivaroxaban is associated with a very low incidence of major bleeding, death, or stroke. Also, adherence to therapy was much higher than observed in other st...

Rivaroxaban: It's Not Time to Cut the Rope, Yet

The warfarin arm of the ROCKET AF trial used a faulty INR device, leading to calls for independent verification of the study. Dr Mandrola agrees but is reassured by the real-world data on rivaroxa...

Rivaroxaban Saves Hospitals Money for VTE Admissions: Study

U.S. hospitals save money when they use the novel oral anticoagulant rivaroxaban instead of warfarin to treat patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE), a new analysis finds. Reuters Health Informa...

GI Bleeding in Patients With AF on Rivaroxaban or Warfarin

GI bleeding is a common complication of oral anticoagulation. How does the incidence of GI bleeding in AF patients taking rivaroxaban compare to those on warfarin? Journal of the American College of...

Rivaroxaban in an Elderly Patient With Pulmonary Embolism

This case demonstrates that rivaroxaban can be an effective and safe therapeutic choice in the acute phase of pulmonary embolism, even in elderly patients. Journal of Medical Case Reports

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Colchicine for prevention of cardiovascular events.

Colchicine is an anti-inflammatory drug that is used for a wide range of inflammatory diseases. Cardiovascular disease also has an inflammatory component but the effects of colchicine on cardiovascula...

Fatal intracerebral bleeding under rivaroxaban.

Rivaroxaban is a factor-Xa-inhibitor which has been shown to be non-inferior to the vitamin-K-antagonist (VKA) warfarin in atrial fibrillation patients. In the manufacturer-sponsored trial, the rate o...

In vivo reversal of the anticoagulant effect of rivaroxaban with four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate.

Four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) 50 iu/kg is able to swiftly restore haemostatic parameters in healthy subjects on rivaroxaban. We hypothesized that lower dosages of PCC may be suffic...

A high performance thin layer chromatographic method for the estimation of colchicine in different formulations.

Colchicine is a main alkaloid present in bitter and sweet variety of colchicum (Colchicum luteum Baker), which have been reported to possess anti-rheumatic, anti-gout, and anticancer potential. Colchi...

Exploring the Origin of Differential Binding Affinities of Human Tubulin Isotypes αβII, αβIII and αβIV for DAMA-Colchicine Using Homology Modelling, Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

Tubulin isotypes are found to play an important role in regulating microtubule dynamics. The isotype composition is also thought to contribute in the development of drug resistance as tubulin isotypes...

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