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Anti Infective Peptides

Anti-viral peptides are used to treat infections such as HIV and AIDS, influenza incl. H5N1 strains, hepatitis C virus infections (HCV). Anti-bacterial peptides are used to treat infectiou...

Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral Pleuritis

Viral pleuritis is a viral infection of the pleurae. Viral pleuritis is most commonly caused by infection with coxsackie B virus. Occasionally, echovirus causes a rare condition known as epidemic ...

Acute Viral Hepatitis

Primary viral infection

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Features of Respiratory Viral Infections Among Inpatients

What are the clinical signs and symptoms of respiratory viral infections among hospital inpatients, and how might they differ from those of bacterial infections? Southern Medical Journal

[Comment] Effect of a host-protein based assay on the differentiation of bacterial and viral infections in pre-school children

Clinical findings do not generally allow the differentiation of viral and bacterial infections. In the case of children with bacterial or viral infections, this diagnostic uncertainty leads to unneces...

Feed a virus, starve a bacterial infection?

A new study puts some old folk wisdom to "feed a cold and starve a fever" to the test. In mouse models of disease, Yale researchers looked at the effects of providing nutrients during infection and fo...

New Study Tests “Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever” Folk Wisdom

NewsResearchers from Yale University investigated whether force feeding or withholding food from mice who either had a bacterial or viral infection, effected outcomes. They found that those with vira...

Two-Gene Panel Differentiates between Pediatric Bacterial and Viral Infections

A two-gene panel was shown to differentiate between viral and bacterial infections in children with fevers with 95-100% accuracy.

Blocking protein that initiates immune response against viral infections may help combat HIV

In findings they call counterintuitive, a team of UCLA-led researchers suggests that blocking a protein, which is crucial to initiating the immune response against viral infections, may actually help ...

Scientists find gene variants causing NK cell deficiency, solving 12 year-long mystery for a family

An international team of scientists has solved a medical mystery that has affected a family for more than 40 years. The condition made most of the children in the family susceptible to severe viral in...

New therapeutic target against persistent viral infections

(Institut national de la recherche scientifique - INRS) Life is a question of balance, and the body is no exception. Expression levels of certain proteins can affect the immune system's ability to neu...

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NK cells in host responses to viral infections.

Natural killer (NK) cells are cytotoxic innate lymphocytes that play an important role in viral clearance. NK cell responses to viral infections were originally believed to be non-specific and lacked ...

Antiviral therapy of persistent viral infection using genome editing.

Chronic viral infections are often incurable because current antiviral strategies do not target chromosomally integrated or non-replicating episomal viral genomes. The rapid development of technologie...

New insights into antiviral immunity gained through intravital imaging.

Viral infections pose an ongoing challenge for mankind. Much of our knowledge of the immune response to viral infections comes from ex vivo analyses of infected animals, which provide important yet st...

Spatial and Temporal Spread of Acute Viral Respiratory Infections in Young Children Living in High-Altitude Rural Communities: A Prospective Household-Based Study.

Few studies have described patterns of transmission of viral acute respiratory infections (ARI) in children in developing countries. We examined the spatial and temporal spread of viral ARI among youn...

Emerging infectious diseases with cutaneous manifestations: Viral and bacterial infections.

Given increased international travel, immigration, and climate change, bacterial and viral infections that were once unrecognized or uncommon are being seen more frequently in the Western Hemisphere. ...

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