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Virtual colonoscopy

Types of laxatives

Laxatives are medicines that relieve constipation (difficulty with bowel movements). They are a popular type of over-the-counter remedy. They can also be prescribed for conditions that could get wor...

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Colonic Diverticulosis Is Not Linked with Adenoma Risk

Findings from a prospective study of outpatients undergoing first-time screening colonoscopy with standardized assessment for diverticulosis

Health Tip: Restrict Your Diet Before Colonoscopy

-- Preparing for a colonoscopy may not be pleasant, but it's worth the effort. The Harvard Medical School offers these suggestions: Cut down on fiber several days before the scheduled colonoscopy. Av...

Mac And Cheese Before A Colonoscopy? Yep! You Can Eat Solid Foods The Day Before Getting Scoped

Many people think preparing for a colonoscopy is worse than the procedure itself. But a growing body of evidence suggests that the process could be made a lot more tolerable. Studies show that patient...

Anesthesia Increases Colonoscopy Risks

Though colonoscopy is often performed with anesthesia, a recent study published in the journal Gastroenterology has found that sedation increases the risk of complications.1 A colonoscopy is a type of...

Colonoscopy highly effective in reducing CRC incidence, mortality in general population

In patients with nonmalignant findings, colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rates were found to be significantly lower after colonoscopy when researchers conducted a meta-analysis of observation...

Time to drop the 'no-eating rule' before colonoscopy?

(HealthDay)—New research suggests that the grueling process of preparing for a colonoscopy may not have to be endured on an empty stomach.

10 recent updates in colonoscopy

Colonoscopy was a hot topic on last month, with an abundance of new research in the journals and two new guidelines issued from the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer and Th...

Lower Quality of Colonoscopy in Veterans Referred Outside the VA

Patients undergoing screening or surveillance colonoscopy at outside practices versus the VA had lower adenoma detection rates.

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Large Bowel Obstruction after Colonoscopy; A Case Report.

Postpolypectomy bleeding and perforation are the major complications of colonoscopy. This report presents a rare case of colon obstruction immediately after colonoscopy. A 56-year-old man underwent co...

U.S. Patients with Ulcerative Colitis Do Not Have a Decreased Risk of Diverticulosis.

Studies outside the United States have described a lower prevalence of diverticulosis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) than in patients without IBD. The aim of this study was to asses...

Racial/Ethnic Minorities Ineligible for Direct Access Colonoscopy (DAC): Identifying Patients Who Fall Through the Cracks.

Patients ineligible for direct access colonoscopy (DAC) are typically referred for a pre-colonoscopy consultation with gastroenterology (GI). However, the referral from primary care to GI creates the ...

Development of the Parkland-UT Southwestern Colonoscopy Reporting System (CoRS) for evidence-based colon cancer surveillance recommendations.

Through colonoscopy, polyps can be identified and removed to reduce colorectal cancer incidence and mortality. Appropriate use of surveillance colonoscopy, post polypectomy, is a focus of healthcare r...

Population-Based Colonoscopy Screening for Colorectal Cancer: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Although some countries have implemented widespread colonoscopy screening, most European countries have not introduced it because of uncertainty regarding participation rates, procedure-related pain a...

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