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Virtual colonoscopy

Types of laxatives

Laxatives are medicines that relieve constipation (difficulty with bowel movements). They are a popular type of over-the-counter remedy. They can also be prescribed for conditions that could get wor...

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Novel 'patient-friendly' colonoscopy prep shows excellent efficacy and safety

(Bioscribe) Detailed results from a Phase 2 study of a novel colonoscopy prep (ECP) under development by ColonaryConcepts, LLC show the investigational treatment to be at least as effective and safe a...

Clinical study reveals safety and efficacy of novel investigational colonoscopy prep

Detailed results from a Phase 2 study of a novel colonoscopy prep (ECP) under development by ColonaryConcepts, LLC show the investigational treatment to be at least as effective and safe as two curren...

Study: Colonoscopy after 75 may not be worth it

(HealthDay)—A colonoscopy can find and remove cancerous growths in the colon, but it may not provide much cancer prevention benefit after the age of 75, a new study suggests.

Device offering colonoscopy workaround to boost compliance wins FDA clearance

The Pure-VU system from MOTUS GI allows physicians to clean an inadequately prepped colon during a colonoscopy such that they can see existences of what could be cancerous polyps. The post

Remimazolam Allows Speedy Recovery After Colonoscopy

For outpatient colonoscopy, the new benzodiazepine provides adequate sedation, and recovery is faster than with the alternative, owing to its short half-life, new research shows. Medscape Medical Ne...

FIT: Excellent Alternative to Colonoscopy for CRC Screening

A new consensus statement finds fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) to be an excellent noninvasive alternative to colonoscopy. Medscape Medical News

Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy: State of the Art

Several new bowel preparation methods for colonoscopy have been advocated in recent years, but which--if any--is optimal? Current Opinion in Gastroenterology

For Colonoscopy Withdrawal, 6 Minutes Is Superior to 3 Minutes

Randomized trial data strengthen evidence supporting a minimum withdrawal time for colonoscopy.

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No neuronal loss, but alterations of the GDNF system in asymptomatic diverticulosis.

Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) is a potent neurotrophic factor known to promote the survival and maintenance of neurons not only in the developing but also in the adult enteric ner...

Acute Abdominal Pain Following Optical Colonoscopy: CT Findings and Clinical Considerations.

Optical colonoscopy is a common procedure; more than 14 million are performed annually in the United States. Serious colonoscopy complications are uncommon, but they can be life-threatening if not qui...

Cost Effectiveness of Screening Colonoscopy Depends on Adequate Bowel Preparation Rates - A Modeling Study.

Inadequate bowel preparation during screening colonoscopy necessitates repeating colonoscopy. Studies suggest inadequate bowel preparation rates of 20-60%. This increases the cost of colonoscopy for o...

Conversion of colonoscopy to flexible sigmoidoscopy: an unintended consequence of quality measurement in endoscopy.

To quantify the proportion of requests for colonoscopy that are performed as flexible sigmoidoscopy and documented reasons for this in ordinary UK hospital practice. To determine the effect these requ...

SAFETY OF MANNITOL USE IN BOWEL PREPARATION: a prospective assessment of intestinal methane (CH4) levels during colonoscopy after mannitol and sodium phosphate (NaP) bowel cleansing.

- Adequate bowel preparation is critical for the quality of colonoscopy. Despite reported occurrence of colonic explosion due to methane and hydrogen production by bacterial fermentation during colono...

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