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06:55 EDT 25th May 2017 | BioPortfolio

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How To Create A Workable Republican Health Care System

What if we could provide a system that could reduce health care costs dramatically, provide a base of care to everyone, and provide a simplified private system with the choice and innovation people de...

VA Secretary: Wide-Scale Firings, Dismantling Agency Not The Way To Fix System

David Shulkin, who is in line to be the lone ex-Obama administration official serving in Trump's Cabinet, is expected to advocate for a measured response over dramatic changes to the system at his Sen...

Seeing e-cigarettes may boost desire to smoke

(Reuters Health) - - Newer versions of e-cigarettes known as vape pens may not look much like traditional cigarettes, but seeing someone use these devices still sparks a desire to smoke, a recent stud...

John David Thornhill

bmj;356/feb20_8/j865/FAF1faJohn David Thornhill, known to all as “David,” was born in Darley Dale, Derbyshire, and his early education, after prep school in Sheffield, entailed boarding at the... ...

Qualanex readies launch of Qosk Decision Support System

David SalazarQualanex will be launching the first phase of its technology, Qosk Decision Support System, in May. read more

When women are fully informed about pelvic exams, desire for the exam plummets

Providing healthy women with information about pelvic examinations, including a professional society's strong recommendation against them, substantially decreases the patients' desire for the exam, ac...

Contraceptives do not lower sexual desire, research reveals

Taking the pill doesn't lower your sexual desire, contrary to popular belief, according to research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Cardiologist’s teenage son creates coding system that could save lives following MIs

Body: Ben Wald, a 16-year-old from London, has created a coding system that could help save the lives of patients following MIs, the Evening Standard reports. Wald developed the idea after witnes...

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Degree and Direction of Sexual Desire Discrepancy are Linked to Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction in Couples Transitioning to Parenthood.

Many new parents are concerned that they have different levels of interest in sex than their partner. Understanding the role of desire discrepancies in their sexual and relationship satisfaction could...

Evaluation of MLC leaf positioning accuracy for static and dynamic IMRT treatments using DAVID in vivo dosimetric system.

Accuracy and precision of leaf positioning in multileaf collimators (MLCs) are significant factors for the accuracy of IMRT treatments. This study aimed to investigate the accuracy and repeatability o...

Radar detection of pedestrian-induced vibrations on Michelangelo's David.

This paper summarizes the results of a two-day dynamic monitoring of Michelangelo's David subject to environmental loads (city traffic and pedestrian loading induced by tourists visiting the Accademia...

Skills vs. Pills: Comparative Effectiveness for Low Sexual Desire.

This study compared the effectiveness of a skill-based bibliotherapy intervention and a placebo pill intervention purported to be efficacious in increasing women's sexual desire. Forty-five participan...

Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology Invited Paper Evidence-based treatments for low sexual desire in women.

Low sexual desire is the most common sexual complaint in women, with multinational studies finding that at least a third of women experience low sexual desire. No single etiology for the development o...

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