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Perianal abscess

What you need to knowPerianal abscesses almost always require surgical drainage, even if they have spontaneously dischargedPatients with diabetes, immunosuppression, evidence of systemic sepsis, or......

New approach to liver transplantation: Using a damaged liver to replace a dying liver

There's new hope for patients with liver disease who are waiting for a donor liver to become available for transplantation.

Diet and exercise can improve kidney function in patients with fatty liver disease

(Wiley) Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a potentially serious liver condition characterized by excess fat in the liver associated with inflammation and scarring. NASH may progress to cirrhosis...

Infraperitoneal Anastomosis Drainage After Rectal Excision

The use of pelvic drainage after rectal excision for rectal cancer remains controversial. Does the evidence support this practice? Annals of Surgery

Recurrent Autoimmune Liver Diseases After Liver Transplant

How often do autoimmune liver diseases recur after liver transplantation, and how might the risk of recurrence be reduced? Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics

AMA approves extensions for three Category III CPT codes for MIGS devices

The AMA has granted a 5-year extension to three Category III CPT codes that describe insertion of aqueous drainage devices into the anterior chamber of the eye using microinvasive glaucoma surgery, ac...

New pathways to treat non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease discovered

Researchers have discovered a new pathway in the liver that opens the door to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a condition that affects up to 25 percent of the population and may lead to cirrh...

Fatty liver: Turning off TAZ reverses disease

Scientists at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have identified a factor in liver cells that is responsible for turning a relatively benign liver condition, present in 30 percent of U.S. adult...

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Hepatogastric fistula as a rare complication of pyogenic liver abscess.

Hepatogastric fistula following a pyogenic liver abscess is extremely rare, and only a handful of cases have been reported. An 88-year-old female presented with generalized weakness, fever and chills....

Abdominal wall abscess secondary to spontaneous rupture of pyogenic liver abscess.

Pyogenic liver abscess is a rare cause of hospitalization, related to a mortality rate ranging between 15% and 19%. Treatment of choice is represented by image-guided percutaneous drainage in combinat...

Liver abscess.

Liver abscess is a rare and severe infection. Incidence increases because of aging of population, advances in liver and biliary surgery including liver transplantation, and immunodeficiency factors. D...

Melioidosis: A Rare Cause of Liver Abscess.

Case Presentation. This is a case of a 44-year-old male, farmer, known to be diabetic, presenting with two-week history of vague abdominal pain associated with high grade fever. Abdominal CT scan show...

Venous drainage map of the liver for complex hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplantation.

Inflow and outflow patency of the liver parenchyma is required to maximize the metabolic function of the liver. However, the definition and distribution of hepatic venous drainage regions has yet to b...

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