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09:36 EDT 26th May 2015 | BioPortfolio

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Oncolytics soars on orphan designation for fallopian tube cancer

Shares of Oncolytics Biotech (TSE:ONC) (NASDAQ:ONCY) surged Monday after the US FDA granted the clinical-stage biotech company orphan drug designation for its lead product candidate Reolysin, for the ...

How fallopian tubes carry eggs unidirectionally

(National Institutes of Natural Sciences) Researchers in Japan have revealed the mechanism that determines the direction of the transportation of eggs in the fallopian tube connecting the ovaries and ...

Evidence Points to Fallopian-tube Origins of Ovarian Cancer

Removing just the fallopian tubes and leaving ovaries intact is an experiemtal option that avoids surgical menopause in younger women at risk for ovarian cancer. Medscape Medical News

AACR 2015: Evidence points to fallopian-tube origins of ovarian cancers

A new surgical approach that removes the fallopian tubes while sparing the ovaries may provide pre-menopausal women at high risk for ovarian cancer, particularly those with BRCA1/2 mutations, with a c...

After first lab-grown burger, test-tube chicken is next on menu

* Researchers start study to create chicken cells in test tube

Study: Test-Tube Baby Risks for Mom Are Rare

CHICAGO (AP) — A nationwide study has good news for women undergoing test-tube fertility procedures. Researchers say 12 years of data show complications including deaths are uncommon from procedures...

Trying for test-tube baby? Risks to mom are rare, study says

U.S. test-tube births underreported by states, study finds

ATLANTA (Reuters) - The number of test-tube babies born each year in the United States is underreported by states, a new federal study found on Wednesday, complicating efforts by researchers to unders...

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Three-dimensional modeling of the human fallopian tube fimbriae.

Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecological malignancy that affects women. Recent data suggests the disease may originate in the fallopian fimbriae; however, the anatomical origin of ovarian carci...

Von Hippel-Lindau gene expression on the human fallopian tube epithelium during the menstrual cycle.

The Von Hippel-Lindau gene (VHL) is a tumor suppressor gene, which is widely expressed in kidney, lung, breast, ovary, and cervix. VHL gene mutations can induce VHL disease and tumorigenesis. However,...

Prognostic factors of primary fallopian tube cancer in a single institute in Taiwan.

To improve the understanding of primary fallopian tube carcinoma (PFTC) through an analysis of possible clinical and pathologic determinants of prognosis.

Primary fallopian tube carcinoma diagnosed with endoscopic ultrasound elastography with fine needle biopsy.

Primary fallopian tube carcinoma (PFTC) is a rare gynecological cancer that is very difficult to diagnose preoperatively. Here, we report the case of a 66-year-old female patient with PFTC that was di...

Mature cystic teratoma of the fallopian tube in a postmenopausal woman: a case report and review of the literature.

Background. Mature cystic teratomas of the fallopian tube are extremely rare and only 54 cases have been reported in the literature. In this paper, we report a mature cystic teratoma of the fallopian ...

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