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18:45 EDT 25th September 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Fallopian Tube Tumor Found in 43-Year-Old Patient

A 43-year-old woman is found to have a small tumor in her left fallopian tube, and a biopsy is performed. What is your diagnosis?

Synthesis of hydrogen: Enzymes assemble themselves in the test tube

(Ruhr-University Bochum) Researchers from Bochum have engineered a hydrogen-producing enzyme in the test tube that works as efficiently as the original -- a hydrogenase from green algae. In the test t...

NVision Medical raises $4.5mm in Series A round

Women's health-focused microcatheter device start-up nVision Medical Corp. closed a two-tranche $4.5mm Series A round led by Catalyst Health Ventures (which added a member to the board), and 13 other ...

Tesaro wins fast-track status, begins rolling NDA submission for cancer drug

Tesaro's niraparib, a treatment for recurrent platinum-sensitive fallopian tube, ovarian or primary peritoneal cancer in wome -More- 

Fallopian Tube Cancer - Pipeline Review, H1 2016

Recently added to the BioPortfolio report store, Fallopian Tube Cancer - Pipeline Review, H1 2016 is a new report from published on 2016-04-26. This 643-page report is available in PDF from $2000. ...

Analog DNA circuit does math in a test tube

(Duke University) Duke University researchers have created strands of synthetic DNA that, when mixed together in a test tube in the right concentrations, form an analog circuit that can add, subtract ...

Overall stability analysis of improved buckling restrained braces

In order to improve the behavior of double-tube buckling restrained braces (BRBs), it is proposed to set contact rings between inner tube and outer tube of the brace. As a result, they can provide lat...

Tube Selector Enables Rapid Picking Of Storage Tubes

The newMicronic Tube Selectoris a very user friendly tool as it offers the convenience of single-handed operation and the possibility to manually pick individual tubes from any tube storage rack witho...

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Capillary Hemangioma of the Fallopian Tube.

Neoplastic lesions of the fallopian tube are rarely seen by surgical pathologists. Haemangioma of the fallopian tube is an extremely rare benign neoplasm. A 30-year-old lady with polymenorrhea and dys...

Isolated fallopian tube torsion: two case reports of a rare entity.

Isolated fallopian tube torsion is a rare entity that is difficult to diagnose, as its clinical presentation is often highly nonspecific. Early diagnosis is important to avoid damage or loss of the fa...

Clinical implications of accessory fallopian tube ostium in endometriosis and primary infertility.

Several variations in fallopian tube anatomy may be noted during the evaluation of infertility. Some anatomical variants such as accessory tubal ostia are rare. A 31-year-old woman presented to our ce...

The Enigmatic Fallopian Tube: A More Common Cause of Catheter Malfunction than Previously Recognized.

Successful performance of peritoneal dialysis (PD) depends on a properly functioning PD catheter. Catheter malfunction remains a significant cause of technique failure, especially early in the course ...

Examination of the Fractalkine and Fractalkine Receptor Expression in Fallopian Adenocarcinoma Reveals Differences When Compared to Ovarian Carcinoma.

Fallopian adenocarcinoma is a rare malignancy arising in the epithelium of the fallopian tube. Fallopian tube epithelium has been proposed as a tissue origin for high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma, t...

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