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18:00 EDT 25th July 2016 | BioPortfolio

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BGI, UW Medicine to Collaborate on Precision Medicine Development

BGI, one of the world's largest genomics organizations, and UW Medicine have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on biomedical technology development. The shared aim is to advance prec...

Functional medicine: The ultimate misnomer in the world of integrative medicine

We at Science-Based Medicine often describe “integrative medicine” as integrating quackery with medicine (at least, I often do), because that’s what it in essence does. The reason, a...

Why Science-Based Medicine Matters

The regular contributors at Science-Based Medicine (SBM) work diligently every week to explore the world of science-based medicine and the gauzy, nebulous netherworld of fantasy-based medicine. They s...

“Integrative” medicine versus “alternative” medicine

I’ve written a lot about the language issue with respect to alternative medicine. As I like to put it (at least in shortened form), first there was quackery. Quacks did not like that name at all, an...

Books to read

Andrew Soloman has an outstanding article the Guardian discussing the intersection of literature and medicine.  He his article about literature on medicine saying saying: Medicine can contribute to ...

This doctor quit medicine. It saved her life.

I quit medicine. I was five months out of residency, and I was leaving medicine. I had dedicated my heart, soul, several years of my life along with weekends, holidays, special events, and my children...

Acupuncture does not work for menopause: A tale of two acupuncture studies

Arguably, one of the most popular forms of so-called “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM) being “integrated” with real medicine by those who label their specialty ...

Best in Precision Medicine

Best in Precision Medicine Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator LPBI   RNA May Surpass DNA in Precision Medicine

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Chinese Medicine in Australia.

Chinese medicine is a complex domain of theoretical and practical approaches that is being increasingly put under the research spotlight. The "Chinese Medicine in Australia" research project attempted...

From genomic medicine to precision medicine: highlights of 2015.

Utilization Pattern and Drug Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, and Integrated Chinese-Western Medicine Treatments for Allergic Rhinitis Under the National Health Insurance Program in Taiwan.

Patients in Taiwan with allergic rhinitis seek not only Western medicine treatment but also Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment or integrated Chinese-Western medicine treatment. Various studies hav...

The contribution of physics to Nuclear Medicine: physicians' perspective on future directions.

Advances in Nuclear Medicine physics enabled the specialty of Nuclear Medicine and directed research in other aspects of radiotracer imaging, ultimately leading to Nuclear Medicine's emergence as an i...

Avicenna's View on the Etiologies of Intestinal Obstruction.

Bowel obstruction is one of the most common causes of acute abdomen. Because of heterogeneity of patients' population and variety of causes, therapeutic strategies are not standardized, so treatment o...

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