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05:24 EDT 29th April 2017 | BioPortfolio

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“Functional medicine” in practice

I’ve frequently written about a form of medicine often practiced by those who bill themselves as practicing “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM) or “integrative medicine” (or, as I...

Myths integrative medicine sells us: “We never advocate alternative medicine without conventional medicine”

"Integrative medicine" (IM) effectively integrates quackery with real medicine. The main talking point by advocates of IM meant to deflect this criticism is that IM practitioners always use alternativ...

State Medical Boards should not recognize board certification in “Integrative Medicine”

There are a number of things about so-called “integrative medicine” (or, “IM”) we don’t know, such as Whether IM really offers the best of conventional medicine and CAM. ...

Personalized Medicine: Access Is Power

Personalized medicine has the potential to save women’s lives, but not if they can’t access it. By Stacey L. Worthy, Esq. One of the most exciting advances in health­care is the growing field of ...

Doctors shouldn’t be afraid of the hippies

ZDoggMD’s take on mind-body medicine: “Western medicine has historically been appropriately skeptical of so-called mind-dody approaches, given our tendency to want to explain causality in ...

Graphic Medicine

This Arts and Medicine essay reviews 2 of the best graphic medicine offerings from 2016: My Degeneration: A Journey Through Parkinson’s and Rosalie Lightning.

Margaret McCartney: Are we too captivated by precision medicine?

Barack Obama’s state of the union address in 2015 kicked precision medicine into the mainstream. He wanted the US to lead “a new era of medicine—one that delivers the right treatment at the righ...

Society for Academic Emergency medicine announces Annual Meeting plenary speakers

(Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) Emergency medicine academicians in six plenary presentations will explore a variety of subjects related to the practice of emergency medicine during a special...

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Comparison of Patient Health History Questionnaires Used in General Internal and Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Clinics.

Health history questionnaires (HHQs) are a set of self-administered questions completed by patients prior to a clinical encounter. Despite widespread use, minimal research has evaluated the content of...

The Addiction Recovery Clinic: A Novel, Primary-Care-Based Approach to Teaching Addiction Medicine.

Substance use is highly prevalent in the United States, but little time in the curriculum is devoted to training internal medicine residents in addiction medicine.

Precision medicine and pharmacogenetics: what does oncology have that addiction medicine does not?

Precision, personalized or stratified medicine, which promises to deliver the right treatment to the right patient, is a topic of international interest in both the lay press and the scientific litera...

Integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the era of precision medicine.

Precision medicine has received growing recognition from clinicians, health systems, and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as patients and policymakers, which will leave a major impact on the pract...

Insurance systems and reimbursement concerning research and development of regenerative medicine in Japan.

In Japan, the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine and the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Other Therapeutic Products Act were enacted in November 2014, creating a new framework for clinica...

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