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Free perforation

Imaging studies

Electrophysiologic Studies EPS

Devices - medical, biotech, pharma

A medical device is a product which is used for medical purposes in patients, in diagnosis, therapy or surgery.  Medical devices act by physical, mechanical, thermal, physico-chemical or chemic...

Electromyography and nerve conduction velocity studies

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Intact picks former Neuronetics exec as president and CEO

Intact Vascular has appointed Bruce Shook to serve as its new president and CEO, replacing Carol Burns.  -More- 

Intact Vascular, Inc. Hires Bruce Shook as President and Chief Executive Officer

Intact Vascular, Inc., a developer of medical devices for minimally invasive peripheral vascular procedures, today announced that Bruce J. Shook is joining the Company as Preside...

NYU researchers tackle racial/ethnic disparities in HIV medical studies

(New York University) Study finds social/behavioral intervention vastly increased the number of African American and Latino individuals living with HIV/AIDS who enrolled in HIV/AIDS medical studies. N...

Racial/ethnic disparities in HIV medical studies examined by researchers

Social/behavioral intervention vastly increased the number of African American and Latino individuals living with HIV/AIDS who enrolled in HIV/AIDS medical studies, a study has found. Nine out of 10 p...

Glomerular disease: The search goes on: suPAR is not the elusive FSGS factor

New research indicates that intact soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) does not induce albuminuria in mice. These data corroborate the most recent clinical findings, showing that ...

Bacteria that aid in digestion help keep intestinal lining intact

Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have found that bacteria that aid in digestion help keep the intestinal lining intact.

Reversal of theta rhythm flow through intact hippocampal circuits

Theta oscillations are thought to propagate unidirectionally along the hippocampal circuitry, from CA3 to CA1 and the subiculum. In this paper, Jackson and colleagues demonstrate that, in the intact r...

First intact skull of Mediterranean worm lizard found

The first intact skull of a Mediterranean worm lizard has been found in Spain, according to a study published June 4, 2014 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Arnau Bolet from Institut Català de P...

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Bank of Standardized Stimuli (BOSS) Phase II: 930 New Normative Photos.

Researchers have only recently started to take advantage of the developments in technology and communication for sharing data and documents. However, the exchange of experimental material has not take...

Detection of miRNA Expression in Intact Cells Using Activatable Sensor Oligonucleotides.

We describe a technology for the profiling of miRNA expression in intact cells. The technology is based on sensor oligonucleotides that are cleavable, completely complementary to a target miRNA, and ...

Detecting earlier indicators of homelessness in the free text of medical records.

Early warning indicators to identify US Veterans at risk of homelessness are currently only inferred from administrative data. References to indicators of risk or instances of homelessness in the free...

The preparation and characterization of Gonyaulax spheroplasts.

Viable spheroplasts of a marine dinoflagellate, Gonyaulax polyedra, have been prepared for the first time. This simple and rapid procedure results in a yield of over 95% intact spheroplasts. Utilizing...

Protein Hydrolysates in Sports and Exercise: A Brief Review.

Protein can be hydrolyzed, producing small chains of amino acids called peptides. Several studies have shown that protein hydrolysates containing mostly di- and tripeptides are absorbed more rapidly t...

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