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08:49 EDT 17th April 2014 | BioPortfolio

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Virtual microscope images at your fingertips

Olympus launches its OlyVIA Mobile iPad App, an image viewer dedicated to virtual slides. Allowing fast and easy-to-use remote viewing, the free-to-download app conveniently displays large brightfiel...

Radiation for Uterine Cancer May Increase Risk of Bladder Cancer

Radiation therapy used to treat uterine cancer may increase the risk of bladder cancer later in life, according to the results of a study published in BJU International. Uterine (endometrial) cancer i...


Identify the structures labelled A, B, C, D, E, and F in this hysterosalpingogram (figure).bmj;348/jan14_3/g109/FIG1F1fig1A: Lower part of the uterine cavityB: Uterine/endometrial cavityC: Right horn....

EARTH Magazine: Old photos help scientists relocate 1906 San Francisco quake rupture point

(American Geosciences Institute) Geoscientists using every resource available to them -- from bare-earth LIDAR technology to knowledge of turn-of-the-century fashion -- have helped correct a 100-year-...

Options in Management and Treatment of Uterine Sarcoma

Uterine sarcomas are rare, aggressive mesenchymal tumors with poor prognosis. This review reports the evidence for surgical and medical therapeutic strategies for various histological subtypes. Ther...

Cancer Risk Seen in Uterine Procedure

An increasingly popular method of removing uterine growths is coming under assault by doctors over a possible risk that it could spread cancer.

Diaphragmatic Rupture Secondary to Blunt Thoracic Trauma

In this report, a case of diaphragmatic rupture with herniation following blunt thoracic trauma is described. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine: Integrating Emergency Care with Population Health

Newer Uterine Fibroid Treatment Affords Less Efficacy, Risk

Magnetic-resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound is a very good treatment option for a specific group of patients with uterine fibroids, say researchers. Medscape Medical News

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First trimester spontaneous uterine rupture in a young woman with uterine anomaly.

Spontaneous uterine rupture is a life-threatening obstetrical emergency carrying a high risk for the mother and the fetus. Spontaneous uterine rupture in early pregnancy is very rare complication and...

Bilateral uterine rupture of an unscarred gravid uterus before labor.

We report a case of bilateral spontaneous uterine rupture of an unscarred uterus occured in a primigravida at 32 weeks to take care in our department after in utero transfert. Uterine rupture occurs m...

Spontaneous rupture of uterus in midtrimester pregnancy due to increased uterine pressure with previous laparoscopic myomectomy.

Uterine rupture is a life threatening condition for both the mother and her fetus. It may be seen in the second trimester usually after induction for pregnancy termination in a scarred uterus. Spontan...

Clinical analysis of uterine rupture during pregancy.

To explore the clinical characteristics of pregnant uterine rupture, enhance its early diagnosis rate and improve its prognosis.

Uterine rupture revisited: Predisposing factors, clinical features, management and outcomes from a tertiary care center in Turkey.

Objective: To determine the predisposing factors, modes of clinical presentation, management modalities and fetomaternal outcomes of uterine rupture cases at a tertiary care center in Turkey. Methodol...

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